Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UNC's Sexton to graduate, transfer to Division II

North Carolina quarterback Cameron Sexton, who rose from third-string to lead the Tar Heels to five victories in 2008, plans to graduate in May and "explore his options for continuing his playing career next season,'' the school announced.

Under NCAA rules, the redshirt junior can't transfer to Div. I or I-AA, but he could use his final year of eligibility at a Division II school.

“I don’t know what the future holds for me,” Sexton said in a prepared statement. “I’m considering all my options, including the possibility of transferring to a Division II institution to play one more year. I have always been a competitor and I have more goals I want to accomplish on the football field. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities I had at North Carolina.”

Sexton, who grew up in Laurinburg, was a part-time starter as a redshirt freshman under then-coach John Bunting, then backed up T.J. Yates as a sophomore under coach Butch Davis, and was third-string behind Yates and Mike Paulus to begin the 2008 season.

But after Yates broke his ankle and Paulus was ineffective, he came off the sideline to lead UNC to a comeback victory at Maryland. In all, the Tar Heels — who finished 8-5 — went 5-2 with Sexton at the helm. But after he struggled at Maryland, a rehabilitated Yates returned to the starting lineup Nov. 22 against N.C. State.

In all, Sexton completed 94 of his 168 pass attempts with nine touchdowns and six interceptions in 2008, and leaves Carolina 152- for-305, with 13 touchdowns and 14 interceptions for his career.

His decision to graduate leaves Carolina with little game experience at back-up quarterback. Paulus has completed 4 of 13 passes with two interceptions in his career.

“Cam was an inspiration to our football team for his perseverance and determination,” Davis said in a statement. “He gave everything he had to this program and Carolina fans will always remember the highlights he provided in 2008 as he helped this program to a bowl game. Cam has great character and has always represented the University in a first-class manner. I congratulate him on receiving his degree and I will do all I can to help him in the future.”

— Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

Butch, your boneheaded decision to play Yates instead of Sexton who at the time was performing as Carolina's best QB, led to the downturn in Carolina's football season. There was no reason to make that move especially since Cam was the upperclassman. It wasn't like Yates was getting ready to graduate and needed the playing time. It was quite the opposite. You did Sexton a disservice and that is why he is saying to hell with you for next season. Unlike his coach, Cam made the right decision.

Anonymous said...

The waiver wire continues in Camelot. Butch cleans house towards the BCS Championship, and Mythical NC State Title

Anonymous said...

Butch is a great recruiter and a horrible game day coach.

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot of players "leaving" this year. There are not enough scholarships to go around to all the recruits that have commited to Carolina. Davis and his staff are making a effort to replace as many Bunting recruits.

Jason said...

I love the State fans' use of "waiver wire". Welcome to the real world. This doesn't apply to Sexton, but non-producing players shouldn't get a fifth year on scholarship at any school. Butch could have cleaned house when he got here, but instead he opened up competition and gave all of Bunting's kids a chance.

Anonymous 1:26, the slide started at Maryland, where Sexton played poorly for the entire game. Don't blame the QB switch for it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't agree with the change at qb either but to say butch Davis can not coach is idiotic. Cmon' man, you see the results of his efforts very soon and if mr. Wolfpack is reading this note, get your ass ready for an can of ...........

Great job Butch!!!!! Keep up the hard work and remember there is 20 miles between CULTURE AND AGRICULTURE!!!

Anonymous said...

The Freshman kid from Virginia will start next year.

Anonymous said...

JASON: "I love the State fans' use of "waiver wire". Welcome to the real world. This doesn't apply to Sexton, but non-producing players shouldn't get a fifth year on scholarship at any school."

Typical Hole - Why does the reality of the situation never apply to Tarheels. It is a "wavier wire" and treats kids unfairly in order to bring in kids that have 1 or 2 stars more. ALL done at the expense of a kid's education vs. winning titles. It's morally and ethically wrong, but then again, that is UNC.

704Champ said...

Hahahahahahahahah he's leaving UNC for a D2 school hahaha oh man that has to be embarrassing....I mean its one thing if he goes to another D1-A school, but he'd rather go to D2 than play for UNC.

HA HA HA stick to basketball UNC

Anonymous said...

Jason, you're probably not a numbers guy, but here it is. Cam Sexton 5-2; Yates 3-3. The shift to Yates divided the team which knew that Davis had made a boneheaded decision with the QB change. Also, John Bunting's recruits or the UNC players were not the problem, Bunting was the problem. He couldn't coach period. Even with Davis' dumb coaching decisions, Bunting is not in his league.

kevinkathrotia said...

Sometimes I wish North Carolina could be like other states only in that all the lesser schools in those states know their role and bow down to the flagship.

You don't see pissant Akron fans talk junk about Ohio State do you?

NC State Farmers...know your role and shut your hole.

Jabari said...
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Jabari said...

He will probably transfer to North Alabama, Carson Newman, or Valdosta State. I would love for him to stay in state and go to UNC Pembroke. I think he could take that team to the D2 playoffs.

I never thought he was a Division I talent, but I appreciated his work ethic and perseverance. I hope he puts up big numbers next year.

Rabbit said...

Quarterbacks transfer all the time. Most transfer to D-1AA or D-2 schools so they won't have to sit out a year.

Why do they transfer? Because, there is another quarterback that either fits the system better or is flat out better.

NC State destroyed UNC. But, UNC finished with a better record. Both teams have improved. But, the two teams are battling to figure out what? Who is better at being medicore?

Anonymous said...

There are no comparisons look at where the heels are scored in the recruiting battle, no 6 in the country. I didn't see states ranking, did you???? In college talent will win out, other than your qb , state you are

Anonymous said...

TOB - 2
BD - 0

Just a small example of how a good coach will whip a used car salesman of a recruiter everytime.

AJ said...

Just want to wish Cam the best! Thanks for everything you did for our team this year and keeping our hopes alive. Sorry to see you go!
To everyone else who's talking trash (and probably never played a sport in their life), Cam is going to a Div II school so he can play next year. If you could read (and I know most of you State fans can't) you would see that he CANNOT play if he goes to a Div I or Div IAA school, only if he goes to Div II.
Yes, State managed to beat us again this year, but let's give both Coach Davis and Coach O'Brien a chance to get their own players and systems up and running before you go and proclaim which one is a better coach. I do seem to recall that Davis has a NCAA championship and Coach O'Brien does not, but that was years ago and at a different school.
Carolina has shown great improvement the past two years under Davis, and I have nothing but confidence next year will be even better!

Eric said...

AJ - Butch does not have an NCAA Title as a coach...he left Miami before that happened.

No dog in this fight, but with a healthy Russell Wilson, I'll put my money on NC State winning this battle at least 2 of the next 3 seasons.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NC State farmers? What an original cheap shot at a really great university that is probably leaps and bounds further ahead of Carolina in technology and progressive education. Don't believe it, check out their Centennial Campus. Not to mention, their campus is far from the pitiful construction zone that Chapel Hill has turned into. I suppose if everyone is done with the kindergarten name-calling everyone can get back to talking about football. State will continue to kick Carolina's rear ends for years to come under O'Brien. TOB 2 - Butch 0

Anonymous said...

You people need some football knowledge.

You do realize that he can't transfer to a D-1A school right? He would lose his eligibility, thus making his transfer all for naught.

Secondly, pretty sure Cam Sexton had more stars coming out of high school than TJ. TJ only played a couple years of football in high school.

TJ got the start because he's the better QB. Granted it hurt us, but those are the facts.

Get your facts straight Wolfpackers. NC Hate.