Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pack hoping Wilson heals quickly

While announcing that Russell Wilson would start at quarterback on Oct. 4 against Boston College, N.C. State football coach Tom O’Brien spoke almost in amazement at how quickly he returned from injury.

The shoulder injury suffered against East Carolina kept Wilson out of just one game, and O’Brien said Wilson willed himself back in the lineup.

N.C. State baseball coach Elliott Avent is counting on having Wilson display the same quick-healing ability as he recovers from a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his knee.

“He’s a great athlete, and a lot of guys recover quicker than most,” Avent said.

On Tuesday, N.C. State announced that the injury Wilson suffered during the Bowl will not require surgery. Doctors have advised Wilson to stay off the knee during a healing period, then undergo rehabilitation before he resumes playing sports.

Sports information director Annabelle Myers said the injury isn’t expected to keep Wilson from playing football in the fall. But it could keep him out of at least some portion of baseball and spring football practice.

Avent said Wilson attended the baseball team’s initial preseason meeting Tuesday, but the coaches can’t do much more than wait for Wilson and his doctors to determine if and when he’s ready to play. Baseball season begins Feb. 20.

“We just mostly want to get him back out there,” Avent said.

If and when Wilson does return to the lineup, third base will be his likely position on a strong team that finished one win short of the College World Series last season. Avent said scouts believe Wilson has a pro future as a second baseman, but the team has a returning starter at that position in Dallas Poulk.

Avent said the infield repetitions Wilson misses because of football are more easily overcome at third base than second base. But all those plans are on hold until Wilson’s knee heals.

– Ken Tysiac


Rabbit said...

injury prone?

Anonymous said...

Well, when you're as good as he is and get outside the pocket to make big plays, you also become a target for the other team's defensive line. Big hits sometimes equal more injuries. It's not like the kid is just standing still, falling down, and coming off the field with injuries. Keep up the good work, Wilson, and heal quickly!