Friday, January 9, 2009

Sitting pays off for Wake Forest fan

Finally, sitting down on the job paid off.

Bob Yakos was proclaimed the winner of Wake Forest's "Last Fan Sitting" contest Thursday morning, after 74.5 hours of residing on his derriere in BB&T field (with periodic short breaks).

Yakos won four season tickets and Football Seat Rights for 15 years, a value of $22,000.

Yakos, a physician's assistant from Clemmons, was among 23 contestants. After more than three days of exposure to the elements, nine remained when the competition officially ended at 9 a.m. Thursday.

That group was whittled down through Deacons football trivia questions with Yakos, 40, the winner. The other finalists received season tickets for 2009.

Contestants were permitted to bring one bag of no more than 20 pounds, and most brought sleeping bags and extra clothes. They were given a 10-minute break every two hours and a 15-minute break every six hours, so it wasn't like they could freshen up at a nearby motel.

Yakos earned his prize. One of the trivia questions he answered correctly was that Wake Forest assistant Tim Billings once coached Randy Moss at Marshall.

Now that's a fan.

- Stan Olson