Wednesday, November 12, 2008

UNC's Davis: 'No interest whatsoever' in Vols job

CHAPEL HILL — Asked again Wednesday about the open head coaching job at Tennessee, North Carolina coach Butch Davis gave his most definitive answer yet:

"I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the University of Tennessee job," Davis said during the ACC teleconference. "It's a great job, but I have no interest in it. As I've said for the last couple of weeks, I love being here, my family loves being at Carolina.
We’re building with the administration everything we can every single day to build a championship football program here."

Davis also said Tennessee had not contacted his agent.

Tennessee athletics director Mike Hamilton said Tuesday night that "we haven't had any conversations with any candidates at this point."

— Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

I understan all the toothless 'Bubbas" in Tennessee would like to steal our coach. Not a snowball chance in he$$.

Anonymous said...

Guess Butchy worked out a deal with UNC for another raise and extension after this season. No other reason he would "have no interest" in a better job in a better conference. Heels are having one heckuva season, but it's just one. Need many many more to be classified as a football school like Tennessee. Just ask NC State and Chuck Amato. They had 1-2 seasons as good as UNC's this year, and look at their program now. Don't think anyone is calling NC State a football school. Tarheel fans - enjoy it, but keep it in perspective. Don't expect too much, too quickly. Just savor the wins, and any exceptional seasons like this. They won't come too often.

Anonymous said...

Once a liar....

A blast from the past.This from SI
Davis had brought the team together in a New Orleans hotel and assured the players that he was staying. "If I leave now, that makes me a deadbeat dad, because this is my family," he told them. "I want to finish my career right here at Miami." A few days after Miami's 37-20 victory completed an 11-1 season and cemented a No. 2 national ranking, he told them, "We're going to work our asses off in the off-season, harder than we've worked before. This is going to be an incredible season. We're going to win the national championship

Three days before the Sugar Bowl, at a time when three NFL teams were searching for a coach and four more would follow suit, he responded to a rumor that he was soon to visit with Browns management by saying, "Don't they have a coach? I'm happy in South Florida. My family loves it there. I plan to coach at Miami for a long time."

This from the NYTimes

Asked about the Browns job after the Hurricanes completed the season with an 11-1 record, the No. 2 ranking and a victory over Florida in the Sugar Bowl, Davis said, ''I have no desire whatsoever for the Browns to contact me.''