Monday, November 24, 2008

Order of selection for ACC bowls

Here's the order in which the ACC's nine bowls with conference tie-ins make their selections-x:

Rank Bowl City Opponent

1. BCS/Orange Miami, Fla. At-large

2. Chick-fil-A Atlanta SEC

3. Gator Jacksonville, Fla. Big East/Big 12/Notre Dame

4. Champs Sports Orlando Big Ten

5-y. Music City Nashville, Tenn. SEC

6-y. Meineke Car Care Charlotte Big East

7-y. Emerald San Francisco Pac-10

8. Humanitarian Boise, Idaho WAC

9. Congressional Washington, D.C. Navy

x- If a bowl does not select a team with the best available ACC record, it must choose a team that’s within one conference win of that record.

y- After Champs Sports selects, the Music City, Meineke and Emerald submit their preferences. If all can be accommodated, then those selections stand. If not, they select in the order above.