Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wolfpack's Brown praised for tough running

During Sunday’s team meeting, N.C. State coach Tom O’Brien singled out senior running back Andre Brown for some encouragement.

Brown led N.C. State with 64 rushing yards and four catches for 51 yards in last week’s loss at Clemson. More importantly, he avoided the temptation to bounce out to the perimeter after contact, which has plagued him in the past.

“He was running tough inside,” O’Brien said. “He was getting tough yards. He was going forward. He caught the ball and got hit and made yards after contact. So he was a much more complete back as far as I was concerned Saturday than at any time since I’ve seen him here.”

Brown has been productive throughout his career at N.C. State. He entered the season with 1,772 rushing yards and four games of 100 rushing yards or more.

But last season, he was reluctant to lower his shoulder and get the tough yards O’Brien wanted. To use baseball as an analogy, Brown was swinging for the fences too often and striking out a lot.
O’Brien likes his backs to swing for singles and doubles in the gap.

“Instead of dancing around and trying to get to the boundary as fast as you can, you go forward, take what you can get and keep the chains moving,” O’Brien said. “Because a lot of times in this league, if you can’t outrun guys bouncing to the boundary, you end up losing yards.”

Now, instead of losing yards, Brown is gaining his coach’s praise.

– Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

NC State continues to be an underacheiving program, while other in state programs ECU, UNC, WFU seem to be on the right track. I think their fan base is part of the problem. What a bunch of pathetic whiners.


Mike said...

Anonymous says that EZU is 100 games under .500 in the history of their pathetic program....Finally EZU is on track! EZU also says that it is rare that Dowdy-Ficklen and their pathetic fan base sells out their stadium that is 20,000 short of what the Wolfpack puts in their stadium rain or shine. What a great fan base those Pirates have!

Anonymous said...

NC State couldn't beat UNC-Charlotte's football team!