Monday, September 15, 2008

Pack DE Cash out with knee injury

Add starting defensive tackle Alan-Michael Cash to N.C. State's already lengthy injured list.
Cash needs knee surgery and is out indefinitely after being injured in Saturday's loss at Clemson, N.C. State announced Monday before coach Tom O'Brien's weekly news conference.

-- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

I am a Wolfpack fan, but its getting obvious that they are regressing rather than progressing. Thats three straight games against Division 1A opponents without scoring an offensive touchdown! Amazing but true. How long before we decide O'Brien is not the guy?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly nothing seems to be going NC State's way this year. I think it's still hard to tell whether O'Brien isn't our guy. He's still playing with Amato's guys. For any fan who thought we where going to be in a ACC title now is crazy. I'll agree that this isn't a year that I wanted to see either but we have to move forward. I would have loved a .500 season but alas we don't have Matt Ryan at QB. Besides, every State fan still has one good thing going for them...tail gating. Why, you may's going to be one of those seasons.

Anonymous said...

NC State continues to be an underacheiving program, while other in state programs ECU, UNC, WFU seem to be on the right track. I think their fan base is part of the problem. What a bunch of pathetic whiners.


ech2599 said...

You so called "fans" crack me up already questioning TOB. Just look what Coach O'Brien has to work with this year and you'll realize why we're struggling so bad. Take any of these teams in the Carolinas and take away their top WR, top 2 RBs, top 2 Safeties, top 2 TEs, top DT and you're gonna have some problems.

We have a RS Freshman QB throwing to a bunch of inexperienced freshmen and sophomore WRs and TEs with an O-Line that is starting to DTs from last year.

Look at TOB's track record at Boston College and it took him a few years to get that program on track. But, once he got it going in year 3, he averaged 8/9 wins each year and he will do the same thing in Raleigh.

We are a very young and injured team right now...we just have to be patient.