Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Injuries continue to rock Wolfpack

N.C. State running back Jamelle Eugene said something after Saturday’s defeat of East Carolina that seems cruelly ironic now.

Eugene had just played for the first time after missing three games with an ankle injury. He said that as other players return from injuries, the Wolfpack would improve.

“We’re only going to get better each week,” Eugene said. “Probably every week we’ll have somebody coming back, or every two weeks. So probably at the end of the season we will be our strongest.”

Two days later, coach Tom O’Brien delivered the latest shocking injury news. Quarterback Russell Wilson and leading tackler Nate Irving will miss Saturday’s game with South Florida because of injuries.

“It’s a great credit to the coaching staff and a great credit to the kids that are hanging in there that are healthy enough to play for us,” O’Brien said soberly. “Certainly we don’t want to be in our fifth game of the year with our third different starting quarterback, but that’s where we are.”

- Ken Tysiac


RR said...

As a State fan/alum these injuries are very frustrating, but they're a part of football. Its especially bad when your 1st string WR, TE, DT are out for the year and your starting MLB, QB, RB have all missed games, but you still have to go out and play them. We beat ECU with Nate Irving on the sidelines during the 2nd half, but this South Florida team thats coming into Raleigh this weekend is much better than ECU.

Anonymous said...

State will continue to struggle this season. I still think they will finish below .500. South Florida should easily handle NCSU this weekend. In fact, they should have lost last weekend vs. the Mighty Pirates if it weren't for a couple of lousy call reversals. Plus their coach is not half as good as Skip Holtz.


Anonymous said...

Skippy's done a pretty good job but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. O'Brien is 2-0 against ECU and the refs or reversed calls (both reversals were correct BTW) had nothing to do with it. Show some class, admit defeat and move on. ECU can still have a very nice season.

As for NCSU's injuries, what can you say? Hopefully Irving and Wilson are back next week.