Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did Appalachian learn from 'good thrashing?'

As Appalachian prepares for its home opener with Jacksonville Saturday at 3:30 p.m. in Kidd Brewer Stadium, coach Jerry Moore is hoping the Mountaineers absorbed the lessons available in their 41-13 season-opening loss at LSU, which he called "a good thrashing." But he still believes some good can come from the defeat.

"If we are smart as coaches and our players buy into it, we can take as much out of a loss to these guys as we can from a win at Michigan," Moore said. "We could have beaten these guys just as we did Michigan; it would have gotten a lot of notoriety and stuff, but it wouldn't have meant a thing to our conference.

"Our goal is to prepare to win the Southern Conference championship. I think we wasted four hours (playing LSU) if we don't come out thinking we can be a better football team."

Asked how the Mountaineers can guard against a letdown against Jacksonville, Moore said, "You would hope that your players realize that you're playing a football game, and the same thing can happen to us that can happen with anybody else...We've got great respect for them. They're building a program, their kids are playing hard, they're well-coached and I'm sure they're excited about playing us just like we were excited about playing LSU."

Jacksonville has been playing football since 1999, and joined the Pioneer League in 2001. The Dolphins were 3-8 last season.--STAN OLSON


Anonymous said...


chris said...

Frankly, I was sick of the ASU hype a year ago. Now maybe they will all shut the hell up now that they got the crap beat out of them.

Anonymous said...


You are just jealous. Get a life. ASU Rocks and you just wish your team could win 3 straight championships in a row.

chris said...

First of all, be a REAL man/woman and expose yourself instead of hiding behind anonymous.
Secondly, I have nothing to be jealous of. I have a very good life and low lifes like you with your "I can't think of anything intelligent to say but tell someone to get a life" response only prove your inability to say anything of substance. Now go back to your Mountaineer paper dolls and have have a good life.

Ellen said...

I think it's funny that people who visit this blog seem to only comment on the posts about Appalachian State. And the majority of those comments are negative.
It's no secret that Appalachian has a great football program. However, the loss at LSU was not a big surprise. You still have to respect a team with 3 back to back national championship titles. I say Go App- make it 4 back to back championship titles this year. There will always be jealous haters out there- people always want what they don't have. In this case, it's a great football team.

John said...

I put my real name on here so I can be a "real man". It's John. Now how does being an anonymous poster by the name of John make me any less anonymous than before? Idiot.

We may have "gotten the crap beat out of us" as you so eloquently put it, but it was against the defending national champions in a division above ours.

LSU beat Virginia Tech 48-7 last year, so we fared better than a perennial top 25 team did.

Go Mountaineers!!!!!

Never "shut the hell up" as anonymous Chris said for you to do. Keep hyping App State as we win our 4th straight national championship!

Drew said...

Looks like there are a few anti-app fans on here