Saturday, August 11, 2007

UNC freshman QB Paulus finding college more difficult than he expected

North Carolina’s Mike Paulus has been surfing the Internet, reading about his fellow freshmen across the country struggling to make an impact in their first fall camp.

Paulus no longer is in the race for the starting quarterback position. Coach Butch Davis could name redshirt freshman T.J. Yates or sophomore Cameron Sexton the starter as early as Monday. Paulus played primarily in the shotgun at Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse and has had to learn how to work from under center.

"I thought it would be a breeze, but it really is a tough time, the college transition to the college offense," Paulus said.

Saturday was the first day media members were allowed to interview North Carolina’s freshmen. Paulus, defensive tackle Marvin Austin and wide receiver Greg Little were expected to make an impact immediately. Austin and Little still might.

But the players’ comments made it clear how difficult training camp is for freshman. Little said his "welcome to college" moment came with a crushing hit in the midsection from freshman linebacker Quan Sturdivant when Little tried to reach for a ball thrown high.

"I hopped right back up, though," Little said bravely.

Austin said he has a lot to learn about the playbook and beating blocks.

"I was trying to rely on my athletic ability," Austin said. "Just beating some blocks. But that’s not what you’re supposed to do. ...I’m used to just pass rushing every play, basically, just rushing to the ball. And now you’ve got bigger guys and the speed is much quicker."

For Paulus, the only consolation comes from reading that freshmen in other places are making the same difficult adjustments.

- Ken Tysiac


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