Monday, August 13, 2007

Sexton: Davis adjusting offense to his players

It’s not a revolutionary concept, but quarterback Cameron Sexton said a subtle change in philosophy on offense could lead to better production for North Carolina in 2008.

Sexton said first-year coach Butch Davis is molding the offense to the strengths of the players rather than vice versa. “We’ve adjusted the offense to the players,” Sexton said. “We’ve really done a good job of saying, ‘This is what we’re good at. And this is who is good at that position. Let’s find a way to get him the ball, not make him adjust to what we want to do.’ ”

Don’t be surprised if junior wide receiver Brandon Tate gets a lot of opportunities in this offense. Tate has established himself as one of the nation’s premier kick returners, but made just five catches with three rushing attempts last season. Tate is going in motion in the backfield and getting the ball on swing routes and wheel routes.

During Saturday’s intrasquad scrimmage, Tate lined up in the slot against a man-to-man coverage with no deep safety help. He beat the safety who was covering him for a long touchdown pass.

“They’re trying to get me the ball in the open field, so I can make somebody miss and see what I can do,” Tate said.

– Ken Tysiac