Monday, August 27, 2007

N.C State QB praises former coach

Hours after Daniel Evans was told he would keep the starting quarterback position at N.C. State, he praised former Wolfpack coach Chuck Amato.

This is what makes Evans a bit different from the average college athlete. Protocol dictates that players avoid talking about their former coaches, particularly if they were fired.

But Evans can bring up uncomfortable subjects because his love for N.C. State is unquestioned. He grew up dreaming of playing for the school where his father, Johnny Evans, was a quarterback and All-America punter.
Daniel Evans was asked Monday about the excitement that surrounds N.C. State football.

"It started with coach Amato," he said. "Nobody should sell that short at all. These facilities and the way N.C. State football is thought of around the nation started with coach Amato. He kind of put it back on the map."

Since he was fired and accepted an assistant coaching position at Florida State, Amato has been ridiculed because of his flamboyance and a 25-31 ACC record. But Evans is grateful because Amato offered him a scholarship when no other ACC school did.

He also said first-year coach Tom O’Brien can raise the excitement to a higher level if N.C. State wins eight or more games for six consecutive years as Boston College did under O’Brien.

"I loved my time with coach Amato," Evans said, "but I’m really excited for where the program is going under coach O’Brien, too." – Ken Tysiac