Tuesday, August 14, 2007

5 yards no big deal to Swank

Successful kickers are usually pretty unflappable. You've got to have some serious chops to line up a potential game-winning field goal with no time left and the crowd howling. Wake Forest's Sam Swank is no different.

Swank, first-team all-ACC last season as a kicker and honorable mention as a punter, showed up at preseason practice last week figuring he'd go about his usual routine in preparing for the Deacons' season opener Sept. 1 at Boston College.

But Swank hadn't heard about an offseason rule change by the NCAA that moves kickoffs back 5 yards to the 30.

"I hadn't heard of it until the coaches told me before practice," said Swank on Tuesday at the team's media day in Groves Stadium.

Swank was asked how the rule change will affect his kicking.

He shrugged.

"I'll move the ball back 5 yards," he said.

- David Scott