Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prospects for Wilson's return to Pack sound shaky

N.C. State coach Tom O’Brien didn’t sound confident Sunday about the prospects of quarterback Russell Wilson returning for his senior season.

Wilson, a junior, returned to the Wolfpack after playing pro baseball last summer in the Colorado Rockies organization. But O’Brien said next season will be a different situation.

“When he left the last time he spent the whole spring here and was, the whole time, around us,” O’Brien said. “And he wasn’t being paid [last spring]. He’s being paid now. And they have money. And what do I have to offer? So who knows what’s going to happen.”

Wilson has said many times that his goal is to be a professional in both baseball and football. If he has decided whether he will play quarterback for N.C. State in 2011, he hasn’t tipped his hand.

O’Brien said after Sunday’s practice for the Champs Sports Bowl (Dec. 28 vs. West Virginia in Orlando, Fla.) that he hasn’t spoken with Wilson about his upcoming decision and won’t discuss the issue for a while.

“We’ll figure it all out when the time is right,” O’Brien said.

Wilson was a first-team All-ACC quarterback as a redshirt freshman in 2008 and has led the ACC in touchdown passes in 2009 and 2010.

Aside from Wilson, O’Brien said he isn’t aware of any underclassman on the team who’s contemplating leaving early for the pros.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Ken, why not make a big deal out of nothing really surprising. He is under contract with the Rockies and being paid, has at least one degree, is getting married soon and has done great things for NC State as an athlete and role model. TOB doesn't have any money or bling, or trips to offer him to remain, ala that program in Orange County. TOB has a good QB in the wings in Mike Glennon. His leaving the program now is NOT a poor reflection on the program in Raleigh, but an adult career decision by Mr. Wilson

Anonymous said...

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USC is not in Orange County.
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Anonymous said...

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He's talking about in Chapel Hill and that IS in Orange County. You are the typical heel ignorant and so unaware. Never been to Chapel Hill and couldn't find it on a map. Bet you know where Gastonia is though. It's 10PM...3rd shift will be starting soon at the mill so you better get going.

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Anonymous said...

UNC fans have to be one of the dumbest in all of sports. Right up there with Dallas Cowboys, Yankees, and Lakers.

Anonymous said...

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