Monday, December 13, 2010

Appeals of UNC players to be heard this week

North Carolina’s appeal on behalf of two football players declared permanently ineligible by the NCAA will be heard by the NCAA this week, team spokesman Kevin Best said today.

Defensive end Michael McAdoo’s appeal is scheduled for Tuesday, and fullback Devon Ramsay’s appeal is set for Thursday.

UNC announced on Nov. 15 that both players had been ruled permanently ineligible by the NCAA in its investigation of academic misconduct and impermissible benefits provided by agents and others.

Dick Baddour, UNC’s athletic director, has said the facts in both cases do not support permanent ineligibility.

Ramsay’s mother, Sharon Lee, has said her son was banned solely on the basis of changes that a tutor then employed by the university provided on one three-page written assignment in 2008. In a story published Nov. 27 by The Charlotte Observer and the News & Observer, Lee said her son’s situation wasn’t considered serious enough to be forwarded to UNC’s honor court system for possible sanctions, so she was shocked when Ramsay received a harsh penalty from the NCAA.

Lee said the NCAA’s penalty was excessive and cruel. She declined to comment when contacted by telephone Monday.

Ramsay played in the first four games of the season before UNC discovered his correspondence with the tutor. He was withheld from the Tar Heels’ remaining games, and UNC has said the NCAA has ruled it won’t penalize the team for using an ineligible player in the first four games.

McAdoo missed all 12 games this season.

Ken Tysiac


Tom said...

Oh here we go. I'll go ahead and beat all the NC State fans to the punch (pun intended)....

They are all cheaters, they should never be allowed to play football again. In fact, what they have done is so terrible that they should be locked up and never allowed to be a member of society. What they did is far worse than beating up an old man bus driver or getting 3 DUIs in one year. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for committing such terrible and reprehensible crimes! And Ramsays mother is obviously a fool who doesn't deserve to raise children!

Note: I don't believe any of this, but this seems to be the general sentiment of NC State fans, since ya know, nobody who has ever put on the red & white has ever cheated on a homework assignment. I'm not even a UNC fan, I'm just constantly stunned at how immature, ignorant, and bigoted most NC State bloggers are.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that UNC didn't consider Ramsey's cheating to be serious enough for their own Honor Court but the NCAA took it serious enough to permanently ban him.

Ramsey's mom submitted the paper in question and the tutor added a paragraph, fixed punctuation, and changed run-on sentences.

NCAA rules prohibit a tutor from typing a paper for a player (UNC rules do as well).

UNC: To Seem Rather Than To Be.

(and no one is buying that Tom is not a UNC homer)

Anonymous said...

Tom is most definitely a Tar Heel.

Anonymous said...

UNC-CHeat: The most corrupt athletics and college administration in the nation. CONgratulations!

Anonymous said...

Coach Davis should be ashamed of himself. This individual has lowered the reputation of a once proud institution. Oh the humanity! This is NOT the Carolina way!