Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Playing Notre Dame is always a rush

Lou Holtz said it didn't matter whether Notre Dame was 11-0 or 0-11.

(Notre Dame actually has never been 0-11 in football, but Holtz was trying to make a point).

Regardless of the record, former Notre Dame coach Holtz said opposing teams and fans always were highly motivated when the Irish played a road game. Notre Dame plays at North Carolina on Saturday against a Tar Heel team ranked No. 22 in the nation.

Both teams are 4-1.

"North Carolina has really impressed me this year," said Holtz, who now works as an ESPN analyst. "I think Butch Davis has done an excellent job. They're playing very physical. Despite losing their quarterback, to lose T.J. Yates (hurt), but they have (Cameron) Sexton playing so well. It should be a fine game."

Holtz said that Notre Dame eventually will return to elite status in college football after going 3-9 last season. But Holtz said the current team is good, but not great. That won't stop North Carolina from considering this a marquee win if it manages to defeat the Irish.

But Holtz predicted that Notre Dame will be motivated, too.

"As motivating as it is to play against Notre Dame, I found it was even more motivating to play for Notre Dame," he said.
-- Ken Tysiac


David said...

I love Notre Dame (alumni) but I also love the Tar Heels (home state of 25 years).

I sure dont know who to root for this saturday but it will be a great game.

I am kind of leaning towards UNC Tar Heels since they are ranked.
Also, more wins gets them closer to an ACC championship and possible BCS birth.

Anonymous said...

UNC is very good this year and they could easily win this game. I think ND has more young talent and at times has shown signs of brilliance. Of course those young kids have made plenty of mistakes too. ND will be a great team in a year or two. Question is which ND team will show up Saturday? The mistake-prone kids or the stars-in-the-making? Should be fun.

Anonymous said...

It's time to put away your Notre Dame class ring, if you haven't already done so. Cheering for your local state team as a Notre Dame alumnus is like cheering for state tax collectors -- you have no association with them other than being a resident of that state. You need to reconnect and get your priorities straight.