Friday, October 24, 2008

Injury report: Duke-Vanderbilt

Duke will be down two receivers against Vanderbilt on Saturday but receiver Johnny Williams is expected to return.

Williams missed the Miami game with a dental abscess. Duke will need freshman because Raphael Chestnut and Austin Kelly are out. Williams and freshman Donovan Varner will start in their stead.

Chestnut's real value was on special teams as Duke's gunner on punt returns. He'll be missed as Duke tries to stop Vandy's big return threat in D.J. Moore.

Out: RB Re'quan Boyette (leg), C Marcus Lind (shoulder), WR Raphael Chestnut (leg),
WR Austin Kelly (leg)

Questionable: DE Wesley Oglesby (leg)

Probable: CB Leon Wright (leg)

-- Luciana Chavez


Michael said...

It's too bad Duke has missed out on the play of Re'quan Boyette this year. The running game would have been given a BIG TIME boost, and they might just have surprised everybody and ended up in some crappy bowl. Cliff Harris tried hard, but he's not a D-I starter.