Saturday, September 1, 2007

Appalachian State's offense has Michigan befuddled at halftime

Things would be pretty quiet at Michigan Stadium early Saturday afternoon if it weren't for the booing.

Appalachian State, using a mixture of flash and up-the-gut football, leads Michigan 28-17 at halftime. The Big Ten's Wolverines haven't been able to figure out the Mountaineers' offense, which has rolled up 244 yards in total offense.

Michigan appeared to be driving for a touchdown late in the half, but stalled at the Mountaineers 5. When the Wolverines' field goal unit ran on to the field, Michigan fans responded with a chorus of boos. They grew stronger when the Wolverines had the wrong players on the field, forcing a time out.

But Michigan's Jason Gingell made the kick, cutting Appalachian's lead to 11 points at halftime.

-David Scott