Saturday, September 1, 2007

107,501 fans in Michigan Stadium an imposing site

Michigan Stadium, the largest in the country, has a seating capacity of 107,501.

But it’s a subtle 107,501 because, as you approach it, the Big House doesn’t look so big.

The stadium sits in a bowl below ground level and isn’t multi-tiered.

But the stadium has 90 rows of seats - 96 in the end zones - and when they’re filled as they were Saturday against Appalachian State, well, it is an impressive sight.



A.J. Acitelli said...

Record day at the Big House 109,000+.

Anonymous said...

Not that impressive. I was at the Oregon game, that was the quietest 107,501 fans. We, Oregon fans, were louder from the get go. It may be "BIG", but it definitely isn't loud. I would take our 60,000 in Autzen anyday! We can rock the house. Go DUCKS!