Saturday, September 1, 2007

Appalachian Nation relishes big victory

One day, there will be lots of Appalachian State fans who will say they were there when the Mountaineers stunned Michigan 34-32 in Michigan Stadium.

Actually, only about 3,000 of them were among the 109,218 in the Wolverines' "Big House" to watch their team perform the unthinkable.

But that's OK: Everyone associated with the school deserves to be part of what was a wonderful afternoon for Appalachian Nation.

Make no mistake, this was as unlikely an outcome as there has ever been in college football.

Sure, the Mountaineers are the Michigan of the NCAA's football championship subdivision (formerly I-AA), with two straight national titles. But the gap between the FCS and the BCS programs in the football bowl division (formerly I-A) -- in terms of scholarships and depth of lineups -- is incredibly wide.

That's why it's taken so long for a FCS team to beat a ranked team.

But it happened Saturday, and Appalachian State was the first to do it.


kcfoto said...

I am a photographer for ASU so I was on the field working yesterday. It was the most unbelievable thing in sports I have ever seen. The BIG BLUE was outplayed and outcoached!
KC, Concord,N.C.

Anonymous said...

Proud grad from '96...was at a viewing party at an Atlanta, GA bar/restaurant. We had close to 80 alumni in a private room. When we walked out of the room the other 400 or so people in the place gave us a standing ovation. GO APP!
bmf, Atlanta, GA

Monna Jones, Rock Hill, SC said...

I was at the game yesterday - class of '86 - and it was an incredible moment in App history. I was so proud of our team - their spirit and stamina. I was also at the National Championship games and we just keep getting better!!

I also must say that all the Michigan fans that I had contact with were very friendly and even stopped us on the streets after the game to offer congratulations!!

Definitely a historic moment in my life.

marty smith, denver, nc said...

Still waiting for it all to sink in. '87 grad and I was there along with several friends. We used some UM connections and had tickets at mid-field, row 21, Michigan. What a feeling to be surrounded by so much disappointment and to be able to stand there in total elation with our heads held high. We also received many congrats from stunned Michigan fans and never felt threatened.

A weekend I will never forget!! Go Mountaineers!!!

Anonymous said...

My little bro was there, he's currently a junior at ASU. I'm so proud to tell everyone that he was actually there! Drove up from Boone Friday and back again on Sunday. Those are real fans, who get behind a team whether or not there's hype or even a hope of winning an impossible game. You can bet this weekend's home opener will be crazy!