Monday, July 12, 2010

Heels' Sturdivant faces marijuana charge

Although linebacker Quan Sturdivant will face disciplinary action within the North Carolina football program following his citation for marijuana possession Saturday, it's unclear what that discipline will consist of.

Sturdivant, a senior from Oakboro, N.C., who's regarded as one of the top linebackers in the nation, was cited with simple possession of marijuana by police who found less than a half-ounce of marijuana in a car Sturdivant was driving, according to Albemarle police chief Gerald R. Michael.

North Carolina coach Butch Davis issued a statement Monday that didn't specify the discipline Sturdivant will receive.

"We are disappointed in Quan's actions over the weekend," Davis said. "This is not the type of behavior we expect from our student-athletes. In addition to the outcome of the legal process, he also will face disciplinary action from within the football program beginning immediately."

Michael said Sturdivant was cited following a simple traffic stop at 11:15 a.m. Saturday at the parking lot of a Bojangles restaurant. He faces an Aug. 2 date in Stanly County Court.

Sturdivant, 21, was a first-team All-ACC selection and a semifinalist for the Butkus Award - given each year to the nation's top linebacker - last season as a junior. He led the team with 79 tackles last season.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

I wonder if he'll be suspended for the LSU opener.

Anonymous said...

Caught at 11:15 am during a traffic stop?

I am really disappointed in Quan!!! Wake up young man you cannot afford ($$$) another screw up. I do not smoke pot but I am for the legalization of it but it is NOT legal so use your head. You know better, your mother raised you better. If it was not yours you should not be around people who are smoking it. You have too much to lose. THINK!

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with a little tweed use? All you hillbillies here smoke it all the time. I guess you're truck driving jobs and other hourly jobs dont drug test you.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that the N&O carried this story, given that the player attends UNC. Someone will certainly get canned over that slip.

Anonymous said...

"If it was not yours you should not be around people who are smoking it."

Hahaha if it was not his. Thats a good one. I'm sure he was just "holding it for a friend"

Anonymous said...

He'll be ok. He comes from a good family, mistake yes but he will learn from it.

Anonymous said...

"All you hillbillies"? Another racist justifying the actions of a deliquint athlete. Before you try to knock other's employment, do you have any? Doubt it.