Monday, September 9, 2013

UNC, Chapel Hill leaders announce plans for Tar Heel Downtown

CHAPEL HILL — Chapel Hill will host a downtown block party before North Carolina’s nationally-televised Thursday night game against Miami on Oct. 17. Town leaders and Bubba Cunningham, the UNC athletic director, announced the plans during a press conference on Monday.
The event, dubbed “Tar Heel Downtown” will start at 4 p.m. and end at 7 p.m. The town will close off Franklin Street between Columbia and Mallette Street, and the event will be centered at the 140 West Plaza, which is a newly-opened residential and retail development.
Mark Kleinschmidt, the Chapel Hill mayor, said town leaders are expecting a crowd of 10,000 for Tar Heel Downtown. The event, which is geared toward families, will feature live music from the band Liquid Pleasure, and appearances from the UNC cheerleaders and marching band.
There will be bounce houses, face painting and other activities.
UNC hosts a similar event outside of Kenan Stadium, near the bell tower, before every home game. Moving the fesitivities to Franklin Street, Cunningham said, will help alleviate some of the challenges that come naturally to hosting a Thursday night football game.
Here is some logistical information for Tar Heel Downtown:
-West Franklin St., again, will be closed from Columbia to Mallette streets between 4 and 7 p.m. on Oct. 17.
-Free game day parking will be available at University Square. Fans are advised to arrive before 3:30 to take advantage of that free parking.
-Multiple locations downtown will be available for parking. See for details.
-UNC’s fall break begins the day before, on Oct. 16.

- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

Will there be clowns or will they all be INSIDE the stadium?

Anonymous said...

P.J. will bring the weed

Anonymous said...

Is Jennifer Wiley Thompson going to be speaking at the "pep rally"? I would really like to hear what she has to say...and she is out of hiding now.

Unknown said...

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