Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Q&A: UNC coach Larry Fedora speaks about SI report on Oklahoma State

CHAPEL HILL — Before becoming the head coach at North Carolina, Larry Fedora was the head coach at Southern Miss. And before that, he was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State, where he worked from 2005 through 2007.

That time period is right in the middle of one that is the focus of a lengthy Sports Illustrated investigation into the Oklahoma State football program. SI’s series, which is being released in installments, alleges that Oklahoma State players were paid, that they had coursework done for them and that drug use was rampant, among other things.

Fedora after UNC practice earlier Wednesday addressed the SI report. Here’s his Q-and-A with reporters:

Q: What has been your reaction to the Oklahoma State report in Sports Illustrated?

A: It was shocking when it came out. It was shocking to me. But I also understand it’s accusations and allegations. That’s what they are. They’re allegations. So whether or not there’s any truth to them or not, I don’t know, but I do believe this – I believe (Oklahoma State president) Burns Hargis, I believe (Oklahoma State athletic director) Mike Holder, I believe they will be aggressive and I think they’ll be transparent in their investigations. And I think if there is any wrongdoings, I have complete faith that they’ll get it straightened out and they’ll accept whatever’s coming to them and they’ll move on down the road.”

Q: During your years there did you see anything suspicious or anything that raised concerns?

A: Nothing. And let me tell you – I’ll tell you this. There was no doubt on my mind and every guy on that staff that it was clear from that administration and Mike Gundy that you were going to do things right there. No doubt.

Q: Have you read the two SI stories that have come out or read summaries?

A: I haven’t had time to read all of it. I’ve had people telling me things, you know. But I haven’t had time.

Q: Have you taken exception to anything SI reported, or disagreed with anything?

A: Well, what do you have five or six more parts, or I don’t know what it is. So I’ve had to wait until it’s all out and see what’s said.

Q: Did you get any advance warning that the report was coming out?

A: No, I didn’t. I didn’t.

Q: Have you had any discussions with UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham about the story?

A: Bubba and I and I have talked about it, yes.

Q: What were the nature of those conversations?

A: Well, because I was obviously at Oklahoma State from 2005 through 2007, and so it was just a natural conversation on what my thoughts were about the situation.

Q: Have you talked to Gunter (Brewer) about it?

A: Yes, I’ve talked to Gunter.

(NOTE: Brewer, UNC’s wide receivers coach, was on Oklahoma State’s staff from 2005 through 2010.)

Q: And what were those discussions like?

A: Same way. Same thing. Both of us were kind of in shock that all this came out.

- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he is shocked...stuff like this is usually kept quiet.

College athletics is so dirty now it's pathetic. When you're watching Alabama-Texas A&M this weekend, just remember that you aren't watching kids. You're watching well-paid professionals.

Anonymous said...

Natural successor to Butch.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, more chances for McClatchy hacks to trash a superior school that wouldn't admit their sorry behinds into its tops-in-the-nation journalism program.

Anonymous said...

Observer sports editor is a Tar Hole grad. Do some basic research before shooting off your mouth.

Also, get a grip on reality. "The Carolina way" is quite deserving of the recent bashings its been getting.

FarRight said...

Do away with student athletes. Let them be semi pro, pay them and let them play without going to school. They have four years of eligibility, then move on to the pro level.

Set a stipend each athlete is paid, if they take more from within or from a "booster" it is a five year felony for the athlete and the donor.

Anonymous said...

What's shocking is that it took until 7:31am for yet another ABC troll to trash UNC for something that happened in Oklahoma....

Anonymous said...

Sad that once again, UNC's name is tarnished. Fedora brings shame again to the Tarheel nation.

Anonymous said...

Agree. UNC can't seem to get away from their cheating.

Anonymous said...

Fedora needs to come clean and then maybe he can save his job at UNC-Ch(eat)... not!!!

Anonymous said...

So an ABC'er is trashing Chapel Hill for something that happened at Oklahoma State? The point your little brain is missing is that apparently UNC-CH does not do due diligence when hiring. You remember "Black Santa" ?

Anonymous said...

These trolls are the same guys who ran Jim valvano off, only to make him a saint. Just wait, they'll probably shove some NCAA wrestling tile in your face.

Anonymous said...

70% of the negative comments are from NC State fans who either: A) tried to go to UNC and were rejected so settled for State, or B)never got into either school, but they feel they "relate" to State better and became a fan. Whatever. Get a life. You hate UNC more than you love your own school..which is pathetic

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you say that ^^^, because 99% of UNC fans never even went to college.

Anonymous said...

Better to be hated than irrelevant, right Wolfsack fans?

Anonymous said...

"And let me tell you – I’ll tell you this" = let me think of a lie while I fill you full of hedge.

Fits in perfectly with that bunch.

SI has a 6-7 part series on a full on cheating effort at Ok State and Fedora knows nothing? It mirrors other current cheating scandals - ie. UNC again.

Sorry that I am not stupid enough to believe your lies. It's not jealousy when it fact that UNC has cheated, has hired another cheater, and continues to attack others before internally adjusting themselves.

Anonymous said...

unc cheat is the most corrupt college athletics program in the country .....period

Anonymous said...

"I am shocked.. shocked I tell you"

The only thing shocking is that the University of National Cheaters still has the gall to field a team for football or basketball.

Makes sense now that they hired Larry "the hat" Fedora to coach there since he got such a great education at OSU in how to cheat.

Anonymous said...

UNC-CHeats. CONgratulations on hiring yet another CONman and cheater. Go Pirates!