Monday, October 22, 2012

UNC CB Jabari Price on Tim Jackson cut block: It was a nasty play

CHAPEL HILL -- There are two plays from Duke's 33-30 victory against North Carolina on Saturday that a lot of people are talking about Monday.

One, we've already discussed right here - that strange moment when UNC freshman linebacker Shakeel Rashad collided with Duke receiver Conner Vernon.

The other play happened a few moments after that one. I've posted the video of it above. On that play, Brian Moore, a senior center for Duke, engages Tim Jackson, the North Carolina defensive tackle. Moore and Jackson aren't near the action, as the clip above shows, but Moore stands Jackson up and then cuts him down.

Jackson suffered an injury on the play, and could miss two to three weeks, UNC coach Larry Fedora said.

"It's unfortunate because it was away from the play," Fedora said earlier Monday. "I'm sure that the guy had no intention to harm him, either. But as the play was ending he ended up cutting a guy, and it's put him out for two or three weeks."

Jabari Price, the UNC junior cornerback, was less diplomatic when asked about the play.

Said Price: "I feel like it was a nasty play and I feel like something needs to be done."

"I didn't even get a chance to see that play until this morning on YouTube," Price said. "And I haven't talked to Tim yet, but I hope he bounces back. He's a big part of our defensive line and it showed once we couldn't stop the run."

Price was asked about both the play on which Jackson suffered his injury, as well as the play when Rashad ran into Vernon.

"I mean, it's a rivalry game," Price said. "There's going to be some emotions flying - whether [Vernon] faked the fall or not. But he came back in the next play, so I'll let you be the judge of that. But I feel like what happened to Tim was - it was unfortunate. And I hope he bounces back and I hope action is taken."

- Andrew Carter


Anonymous said...

Why no outrage about this DIRTY play?

Anonymous said...

White trash play....nothing good came out of it

Anonymous said...

This is a dirty play as opposed to the Carolina guy brushing into the Duke guy when he ran on to the field.

Anonymous said...

Cut blocks are legal. Watch play. Connor was blindsided pre snap, the duke cut block was while the play was alive.
One got a deserved suspension, whining about a cut block is just whining.

Anonymous said...

UNC grad/fan here - looks like the Carolina guy threw the dOOk guy down, dOOKie rolled and UNC guy fell down.

I don't think it was intentional.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to UNCheat. Should of enrolled him in Walking 101. Of course at UNCheat that is a Masters level class.

Anonymous said...

Cut blocks are legal but Chop blocks are not the difference is a cut block is immediate and at the los. A chop block is when a player starts his block high and finishes low as the duke center did and it is a dirty play period.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it's been a while Observer, but I knew your UNC bias would show through again eventually. "Nasty play" is a total matter of opinion considering the ACC suspended the UNC player for his blindside hit on a defenseless Duke player but saw absolutely nothing wrong with the supposed "nasty play".

Here's an idea. Try reporting the news and leave the opinions to the Op/Ed writers.

John W. said...

Hey, genius. "Nasty play" is in quotes because he is quoting someone. It is not the writer's opinion being expressed.

Anonymous said...

...and he attempted to block Jackson from BEHIND. No matter the type of block, that is not legal.

Anonymous said...

Call the Wambulance. Duke owns the Bell, and the Pack are about to own you AGAIN.

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