Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SI writer offers apology to N.C. State fans

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples posted the video of the day with his apology to N.C. State fans for insulting the crowd noise at Carter-Finley Stadium before the Wolfpack's 17-16 win over Florida State last Saturday.

Staple had a little fun with the Wolfpack faithful, which is known to be difficult on both rival fan bases and the media.

"I understand that some of you may take my college transcripts and post them on the Internet because I know some of you are very good at that," Staples joked in Tuesday's video. "But please, accept my apology."

Here's what Staples wrote last Tuesday, in his power rankings column, to prompt the apology:

"To prepare for the raucous crowd at Carter-Finley Stadium — I couldn't type those words with a straight face — FSU has saved the expense of speakers to pipe in crowd noise. The quarterbacks will just whisper. That's efficiency."

- Joe Giglio


Anonymous said...

As a UNC fan, I can say that this shows what a rag SI really is. I mean, CF Stadium is not LSU, OSU, Clemson, etc. but come on - it's not the easiest place to play either, especially in a prime time televised game... Shows this guy has NO CLUE what he's writing about and therefore shouldn't even TRY to throw insults like that around.

(I do, however give props for the transcript line...)

Here's what I think he said...

Eh, the guy's a hack. Why waste time on an apology to his 14 readers? In the same article, he also wrote this about South Carolina:

The Gamecocks cannot afford to fall behind against the Bulldogs, because they might not come back so easily.

Uh, okay.

Anonymous said...

CF is no worse of an environment than the other run-of-the-mill ACC venues (Kenan, Byrd Stadium, Alumni Stadium)...

Anonymous said...

Anybody who's watched a season or two of Wolfpack football knows two things: we fans are diehards, and you never know what NC State's record will be until the season is finished. They will win and lose games they shouldn't. They are consistently inconsistent and unpredictable. It's not easy on the nerves, but it's NEVER boring

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oh I think it is a big-man thing that this SI writer did by offering an apology for his acts, I applaud him because it takes guts, good for him that recognized he did something wrong