Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tenuta audibles, will stay with Wolfpack

RALEIGH -- N.C. State announced Wednesday that assistant football coach Jon Tenuta will not join the Illinois staff after all.

A news release from the Wolfpack sports information department said the linebackers coach called what amounts to an audible. Illinois announced Tuesday that Tenuta was leaving the Wolfpack to join the staff being assembled by new coach Tim Beckman.

The entire news release from the Pack: After being named to the Illinois football staff yesterday, Jon Tenuta had a change of heart and said today that he will now remain at North Carolina State for family reasons.

“From the top, I want to say that Illinois is a great program and I think the world of Tim Beckman,” Tenuta said. “I’ve known Beck for 20 years and I have no doubt that with the staff he is putting together, he will have Illinois at the top of the Big Ten very soon. However, my family comes first and I may have made a decision without fully thinking through the situation with them. My son is a senior in high school and has signed a letter of intent to play baseball at N.C. State, and it is something I just don’t want to miss. I was one of the first people to contact Beck and congratulate him on the opportunity at Illinois, and I wish him and the Illini nothing but the best.”

-- Caulton Tudor


Anonymous said...

HUGE for the Pack! Wolfpack Nation is very grateful!

Anonymous said...

Great to have John back on board with the Pack! Sources are crediting Yow and TOB with countering Illinois and persuading him to stay - if true, great work by those folks to.

Anonymous said...

NCAA violation. You can't offer a coach's child a scholarship in order to get him to stay. That's non-standard benefits.

Anonymous said...

He didn't get a scholarship so that Tenuta would stay. He had already committed, which is one of the reasons Tenuta wants to stay. Learn to read.