Thursday, April 28, 2011

O'Brien enjoys 4-0 record vs. Heels

RALEIGH - At the beginning of his speech at the Wolfpack Club caravan Thursday night, N.C. State football coach Tom O’Brien was asked a simple question:

As head coach at N.C. State, what’s it like to lose to North Carolina?

“I don’t know,” O’Brien said.

“Don’t intend to find out, either.”

O’Brien is 4-0 against the Tar Heels as N.C. State’s coach and coming off a 9-4 season with a win over West Virginia in the Champs Sports Bowl. He poked a few jabs at the Wolfpack’s rivals:

- “In 1982 I learned a simple rule,” he said. “The ABC [Anybody But Carolina] rule. And I haven’t forgotten it.”

- He brought up confrontations between N.C. State and Tar Heel players at the last two games: “The greatest thing is, the discipline that’s reflected in this football team, we didn’t retaliate either time,” he said.

O’Brien also offered another glowing endorsement of quarterback Mike Glennon. He said Glennon has as much talent as Tim Hasselbeck, Matt Hasselbeck and Matt Ryan, who played quarterback for O’Brien at Boston College and went on to become NFL starters.

Incumbent starter Russell Wilson is playing pro baseball for the Asheville Tourists this summer but hasn’t ruled out returning to football. But O’Brien made a strong statement in favor of Glennon.

“He [Wilson] had a choice to make and we had a choice to make,” O’Brien said. “Mike Glennon made my choice a heck of a lot easier.”

Ken Tysiac


John W. said...

Don't encourage him, please.

He's only used that line at every publicity opportunity since the end of last season.

And it still isn't very funny.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Butch doesn't think its very funny either. LOL! Gotta love TOB

Anonymous said...

It's got to be a plant who keeps asking him that question, right? It makes no sense for someone to ask considering the record.

Anonymous said...

Like someone asking a Florida coach what its like to lose to UGA...ownership.