Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Q&A with Toney Baker

Running back Toney Baker announced today that he will forgo a sixth year at N.C. State to enter the NFL draft. Here are excerpts from his meeting with reporters this afternoon:

Q: What factored into your decision to leave?
A: I felt like I had a pretty good year. My dad () was a really big part of it, being in the NFL and going through college and doing pretty much everything I’m about to do. With his advice, he thought it would be a good time for me to enter the draft. And really, just doing a lot of praying after waiting and hearing all the information from the NFL, I think that was the best decision for me.

Q: Did you put a request in with the NFL draft advisory board?
A: Yes. They told me that it was classified information so I can’t get into detail with that, but the information was good enough for me to decide to come out.

Q: Did they rank it, you’re draftable, or you’re very draftable?
A: They told me between rounds, but they told me they couldn’t get too specific and didn’t want me to talk about it. But like I said, it was good enough for me to come out.

Q: What did Coach (Tom) O’Brien tell you?
A: He was very supportive. Even at the beginning of the process, after the Carolina game, he told me that he could understand that if the feedback I would get was that I’m going to be drafted, he could definitely understand me coming out. But he also mentioned that he would love to have me back to play more football for N.C. State.

Q: How much did the fact that you have been injured for two full seasons weigh into this?
A: You know, you can’t really control injuries. But I guess you can say that was a part of it. Coming back next year, I could have a really good season coming back. But I just personally feel like it was time for me to go, especially after earning my degree here. I guess I feel like it’s time.

Q: What will you miss about N.C. State?
A: Everything. Academics, all the way up to our football program and our fans. It’s fantastic how much support they gave me even when I was out for two years, they’re very supportive. The people around here are special. I really enjoyed my time here. I did. I’ve been through two coaching staffs here. I think both of them did it really well and had my best interests at heart.

Ken Tysiac


Grateful Pack Fan said...

God speed TB. I hope you get the opportunity you so desperately deserve. Thanks for all you did at NC STATE. You will continue to have millions of number 1 fans.

Go get em!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to Grateful Pack Fan. And Congratulations on earning your degree! You are a class act!