Wednesday, February 4, 2009

UNC's Davis: 25 new players by fall

CHAPEL HILL — North Carolina signed 29 football players on Wednesday, and coach Butch Davis says he expects to have the full NCAA allotment of 25 in camp by the fall.

His mindset when it comes to the idea of "oversigning":

"We did it several years at the University of Miami where we oversigned, and basically what you're trying to do it target kids that want to come to the University of North Carolina,'' he said. "We have a plan for every kid that falls into that category ... whether it's a grayshirt opportunity because of an injury, whether it's an academic situation where someone may have to go to a postgraduate [school], whether it's somebody that they need some age, some maturity ... there's a variety of different guys that this fits."

- Robbi Pickeral


Ryan said...

This is fuzzy math at best and forcing kids out of the program at worst depending on who you cheer for.

Anonymous said...

Says the bitter state fan

Anonymous said... you know anything about football recruiting?

if you did you'd know that this situation is not uncommon & usually doesn't involve forcing kids out at up some..