Monday, February 9, 2009

UNC to play two I-AA schools in '09

North Carolina will play Georgia Southern in football next season on Oct. 10, a team official confirmed, filling it's 12-game schedule with a second Division I-AA team.

The opening in the Tar Heels' schedule occurred when coach Butch Davis opted to cancel a home-and-home series with Colorado.

This year's season-opener against McNeese State replaced one of those games, but they were unable to find another I-A foe to play because most major conferences schedule several years in advance, and usually want a home-and-home series. UNC would not have been able to return a game for several seasons, because its schedule is so full.

UNC also wanted to play a seventh home game.

The ACC is expected to release its schedule Tuesday. Carolina's other three non-conference games next season are against The Citadel (a I-AA team) and East Carolina, and at Connecticut.

— Robbi Pickeral


Anonymous said...

haha weakkkkkkkkkkk, UConn is the best they got. Shoot they would have lost to McNeese State last year if wasn't for Brandon Tate. 41-10

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow just like carolina to try and jack up the win column. it will come back to bite em come bowl selection, i guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

Someone should give some props to Wake Forest for their continual choice to play tough out of conference opponents.

Last year they played:

Ole Miss, Navy, Vandy and Baylor

It's so funny that teams like UNC and Ohio State schedule 1-AA teams to increase win total and a team with half the talent like Wake goes and plays other solid teams.

Such 1-AA games should count against teams vying for bowls.

For Instance NC State only won 5 games against Division 1 opponents last year, no way should they have even made a bowl.

Anonymous said...

Well NC State also played east carolina, south carolina, and south florida all three teams were ranked in the top 25 at some time. If it wasn't for Wilson getting hurt they would have won their bowl game. Clemson played two I-AA schools last year thats real weak. 41-10

Chris said...

Hey Anonymous,

We aren't the 3 time defending champs anymore, remember?

But you are right, UNC is afraid of App State.

Anonymous said...

Being I-AA champs is like being the smartest kid with Down syndrome.

Hog said...

Ok, you guys obviously are not very knowledgable on this subject (not the observer i'm talking about, i'm talking about the posters) First of all, App St. deserves credit for what they've done, its not a joke..if it's so easy why dont you unc fans go win 3 bowl games in a row. Also, app st. tried to play unc, and unc declined to play them, so if it's like "down-syndrome" or whatever, then play them!!...Secondly, 1-AA wins DO NOT count the same, so yall are arguing for something that's already a rule. 2 1-aa wins count as only one win towards being bowl eligable.

Anonymous said...

Im an App grad and the grandparent of an Downs Syndrome child so your comment is doubly innappropriate.

Tarheel Paul said...

Perhaps the ASU fans should realize they are not in the big league of college football. They are in the subdivision. Even when they have played NC State in a down season, they were whipped easily. So don't get too high and mighty, the Michigan fluke would not happen against UNC or NC State or Wake. You are still in the minors and not the same league as the big boys.

Anonymous said...

What advantage does UNC gain from playing App? None. If they win, no one cares. If they lose, it is a big black mark on the season. There is nothing to gain and everything to lose if you play App.

And I love fans of a team that plays McNeese St, Samford, Elon and Chattanooga giving UNC a hard time for scheduling.

Hog said...

Tar Heel Paul-
I agree with you that by no means App is in the "bigtime division" but I still believe that they deserve a ton of credit for accomplishing what they've accomplished. 3 titles and beating top 5 Michigan with as you would say probably 'inferior" players since they arent the big boys is a pretty big deal no matter what level. and a loss to state with a back up quarterback 23-10 in my opinion isnt a "whipping." I greatly respect ECU for sceduling them and think it will be great for the state of NC. Back to UNC's scheduling, what's the difference in sceduling teams like Mcneese, Ga Southern etc instead of App? They are in the same division, same "black mark" happens if you lose. I can't decide if it's reespect yall give ASU by not playing, fear, or disrespect.. App needed OT to beat Ga Southern, and McNeese finished top 8 in the country at that level, what's the difference with App?

Rabbit said...

The "nothing to gain, everything to lose" argument only works when you don't schedule any FCS teams.

Face facts, UNC has an easy schedule. Two FCS teams, a good team in ECU but they aren't from a BCS conference, and UConn is their only BCS competition.

The excuse was given for playing McNeese State that they wanted to recruit in the area. Yet they played them in Chapel Hill. If you want to recruit in Louisiana, play LSU.

One of the biggest issues that App fans have with UNC not playing us, is that that we're a part of the same university system. Wouldn't it make more sense to pay a team in your own system instead of giving that money to another state?

Rabbit said...

And Tarheel Paul,

Both UNC and Appalachian State are in subdivisions. UNC is in the Bowl Subdivision and Appalachian State is in the Championship subdivision.

They know its not the "big division" but there aren't any BCS clouds hanging over Appalachian's 3 championships.

Hog said...

great article in there a/b UNC not playing ASU, because it's a no-win situation, but instead they schedule two other FCS sschools???? complete slap in the face..

Anonymous said...

Most SOCON Teams will play anyone. Last year ASU & GSU Opening with the #1 & #5 Teams in the county.

By the way, this was UNC Last SOCON Game:
Furman 28

Anonymous said...

All the arrogant arguments from the uppity ACC'ers sound hollow....Simply put: Play ASU on the field and not in blogs and the Apps will either have their comeuppance or their wins....Sports are that simple. As John Boy and Billy like to say "Look into it!"