Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UNC AD Bubba Cunningham: We want the ACC to be our home for another 60 years

Amid rumors that North Carolina might be interested in leaving the ACC to join another conference, Bubba Cunningham, the UNC athletic director, emailed a letter today to UNC supporters that reaffirmed the university’s commitment to the ACC.

In the days since Maryland announced it would leave the ACC to join the Big Ten, Cunningham has received correspondence from UNC fans who have expressed concern about the Tar Heels’ affiliation with the ACC. Further, some national media members have speculated whether UNC would be interested in another conference.

In his letter, Cunningham dismissed such speculation. Here are his words:

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding conference affiliation for the University of North Carolina. Conference alignment is a topic of much discussion nationally these days and we understand that our fans are passionate and knowledgeable of their sports programs.

Carolina is a charter member of the Atlantic Coast Conference and we believe the ACC is the finest conference in the nation. The ACC has been our home for nearly 60 years and we want it to be our home for another 60 years at least. Our speculating on what other league may be better for the Tar Heels would not be productive. We are part of a great league with a strong future and we know that the ACC leadership is serious in its efforts to strengthen the conference and position it for long-term success.

All of us in the ACC, including the league office and individual schools, continue to carefully monitor the changes that take place in conference alignment. But again, we are proud members of a great league and are looking forward to many more years of success in the ACC by the Tar Heels and other ACC schools.

Bubba Cunningham


Unknown said...

Sounds a little like the baseball GM or owner who says he is firmly behind his manager, who is fired two weeks later. Not so sure that Cunningham really wants the Heels to be the last dedicated ACC school standing after the ACC crumbles. The SEC is the best marriage -- they need UNC's basketball and academic history, UNC and South Carolina would once again be yearly rivals and the Heels fan base is large and dedicated.

Anonymous said...

Good point, leave and reunite with Carolina in the SEC. Just don't get upset when you start going 3-9 in football every year.

Anonymous said...

Why should UNC get upset for going 3-9? They should be used to it by now.

Anonymous said...

There hasn't been a non-UNC post in 3 weeks. Anything you guys want to report about bowl-bound teams???

Anonymous said...

Why would UNC want to leave a conference that it basically runs? What little remains of the myth of their supposed superiority will evaporate in another conference more quickly than a thimble of water on the surface of the sun.

Anonymous said...

Memo to UNCheat: WE DON'T WANT YOU, though.

What do you bring to the ACC? Corruption, fake classes, subpar football, and a nice basketball rivalry. Just play Dook annually out of conference and head to the Big East. Our academic prestige instantly rises the second you leave.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let's see the ACC raped the Big East twice. Now the ACC is nothing more than the "new" Big East. Yes, UNC would be a good addition to any league for basketball, but would bring NOTHING to ANY league in football.

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well as a matter of fact not only those want that, I do want that the ACC to be our home for another 60 years since during these 60 years we have had a lot of good things