Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Notes: UNC coach Larry Fedora likes practice pace

The Larry-Fedora-likes-Red-Bull storyline has been beaten into submission but it is in fact true. He drinks a lot of the stuff, which is part of the reason why he's so energetic. He wants his North Carolina football team to reflect that energy and, given that, Fedora has been pleased early in practice.

Four practices in, he likes the pace.

"I think it's better than it was at the way we ended in the spring, so that's a good thing," Fedora said earlier today. "You know, that was the challenge, was how much work you do over the summer is going to dictate how fast we can go when we start our fall camp.

"So we're still a long way from where we want to be but our guys were better when we started day one when we were on the 15th day of spring ball. So that's a good thing. And so hopefully we can just get a little bit better each and every day."

It might have been natural to expect a drop-off in energy from the end of spring to the beginning of preseason workouts. After all, players went months without practicing in Fedora's fast-paced system, and they'd only had 15 practices to begin with.

But Fedora said the energy level has been consistent so far in preseason practice. It's not where he wants it to be, but it has been consistent.

"[We] try to keep our energy level the same each and every day," he said. "... It doesn't matter what it is, we're going to try to play the game the same way. So I think they moved around the same way they did as the first day, or the second day. So I think that's a good thing."

Some other news and notes:

--As expected, Fedora didn't provide an update on the status of injured receiver T.J. Thorpe, who suffered a broken bone in his foot on Sunday. Fedora did say this: "I don't know what to tell you, because I don't talk about injuries. Here's what I'll tell y'all about injuries, guys. I will tell you about anybody that we lose for the season. And that's it. So we haven't lost him for the season, so I don't really have anything to say for him." A source close to the situation said on Monday night that it's unclear at this time how long Thorpe might be out.

--Given Thorpe's injury, it was a bit alarming that fellow receivers Reggie Wilkins and Sean Tapley, both sophomores, weren't at practice either. But Fedora said he wouldn't be surprised if both returned to work on Wednesday morning. It sounded like both might have had some issues with cramping in recent days.

--Today was the first day UNC practiced in pads. Fedora said whether the Tar Heels tackle or "thud" while in pads "depends on the situation." It's a mix of both tackling and thudding.

--Given that Fedora said he'd only update injuries when someone is out for the season, someone asked whether anyone had been lost yet for the season. Not that Fedora is aware, he said.

--Tim Jackson, the junior defensive end, has been working some at defensive tackle thus far in practice. Fedora said the coaching staff is moving guys around at different positions, especially up front on both sides. "We're just trying to build depth throughout those positions," he said, "because you've got to be prepared."

--More on this at some point later, but a guy to watch throughout the preseason will be Roy Smith, a walk-on receiver from Miami who's a sprinter on the UNC track team. Smith has potential, Fedora said, as a return man - and his value could increase the longer Thorpe is out.

--Freshman receiver Quinshad Davis was still absent on Tuesday. According to what he wrote on his Twitter account, Davis has been in Minnesota, presumably seeking treatment for the unspecified medical condition that has kept him out of the start of practice.

- Andrew Carter


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