Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UNC search committee meets Friday

The committee that will recommend candidates for the athletic director job at the University of North Carolina will hold its first meeting Friday morning from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

UNC is seeking a replacement for Dick Baddour, who announced in July that he is retiring to allow a new athletic director to be in place to hire a replacement for football coach Butch Davis.

Lowry Caudill, a trustee and adjunct chemistry professor, chairs the 13-member committee.

UNC chancellor Holden Thorp recently said the committee is eager to help him and called the athletic director position "very attractive." The new athletic director will face the challenge of steering a football program that is facing NCAA allegations of nine major violations, but will inherit an elite basketball program and strong Olympic sports programs.

"We’re looking for somebody who can continue the extraordinary success that Carolina has had," Thorp said, "who can help us make sure we have the financial resources that the kids need, that the student-athletes are taken care of, that compliance is run tightly, and restore the confidence that some of our football fans have lost in the football program."

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Funny, I assumed from the headline that the committee is meeting with Bill Friday, since he apparently is holding Thorp's leash these days.

RamJammer said...

The "Ghost" of William Friday is indeed alive and vocal in all things UNC related. Let's see if he is as keen on deemphasizing athletics at the Mutha Ship as he has been at other UNC system schools.

Anonymous said...

Whomever it is, they are doomed to fail. UNC fans will be irrational when they expect a winning football season better than 4-8 for the next decade.

Susan May said...

I sure hope Deems May gets the job. He knows more about what needs to happen in the AD department than any other alum, thus far. Give him a chance, he is young and has lots of years ahead of him to lead the Heels

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous, Chancellor
Thorp would do well to listen to
Bill Friday,who has a lot of wisdom
to impart on the proper role of
intercollegiate athletics. From the start, Mr. Friday thought UNC should
not be Coach Butch $2 million a year.

Anonymous said...

Lee Fowler's available...

Just sayin'