Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baddour 'won't speculate' on NCAA's plans

University of North Carolina athletics director Dick Baddour said Saturday that he would not respond to an Internet report citing unnamed sources that said the NCAA has informed school officials that a notice of allegation regarding the school’s football program will arrive on or around June 10.
Since last June, the NCAA has been investigating improper benefits and academic misconduct on the part of UNC football players.

“I’m committed to this process,” Baddour said Saturday. “To me, this process means that we, I, won’t speculate and I won’t respond to leaks. And when we have facts I’ll release that to the public and to all the media at the same time.”

Citing multiple unnamed sources, Inside Carolina reported that UNC expects the notice of allegations to highlight nine infractions, including failure to monitor violations regarding former associate head coach John Blake, former tutor Jennifer Wiley, and former player Chris Hawkins.

Inside Carolina wrote that North Carolina is expected to avoid a lack of institutional control charge. Baddour wouldn’t comment on any details.

“When we have facts, when we have something to report on anything dealing with the investigation, we’ll let the public know,” he said.

A school has 90 days to respond to an NCAA notice of allegation. Football team spokesman Kevin Best also declined to comment on the report.

“We don’t know when we’re going to receive any documentation from the NCAA,” Best said.

Fourteen players missed at least one game and seven missed the entire season in 2010 in relation to the NCAA’s investigation. Blake resigned after his ties to the late sports agent Gary Wichard were disclosed in media reports, and the school sent disassociation letters to Wiley and Hawkins for providing impermissible benefits.

But the NCAA has yet to provide notice on what sanctions, if any, the UNC football program might face.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

He won't because he can't. That's why he "leaked" the info to Inside Carolina. If I recall correctly its a NCAA no-no to comment on a NCAA investigation that isn't resolved by the institution or NCAA.

Baddour will talk when the official NOA comes from the NCAA.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is an embarrassment to UNC and the ACC.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is an embarrassment to the Observer for clogging up the NC courts about parking tickets, and for hiring Apolo Anton Ohno wannabee J.P. Giglio who'd rather quote Doctor Seuss than cover a story honestly.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just the lengthy list of infractions that is being reported by th NCAA, not the penalty? Typically, the first step the NCAA says what they are accusing UNCheat of doing. Then UNCheat would respond to the penalty phase to follow.

How on earth would anyone have an idea of what the penalty phase would yield? Certainly the NCAA is not letting UNCheat know that? This is just what UNCheat thinks & hopes they will be getting and they have been wildly wrong in their predictions in the past. Hiding parking violations all this time is obviously a ploy to not divulge who owns various cars that athletes were driving, potentially more violations to reveal, NOT protecting student information. They might be right on this time, but I wouldn't bet my next Agent's perks on it.

Anonymous said...

IN BUTCH, WE TRUST. It ain't cheating its the CAROLINA WAY, Baby. Just a little misunderstanding on our way to a National Championship, Haters gonna hate. Go Heels!

Anonymous said...

Tarheels don't need to cheat to win, this is a whitch hunt by State and Va Tech to bring the best program in the country down. I bet we find that they paid for all this to get Butch fired. They will be laughing when we are National champs.

Anonymous said...

"UNCHEAT"??? Let me guess, you're either a "NCSUX" fan or a (C)HOKIE???
Those seem to be the two biggest fan bases who have run amok with the sophomoric chatter.

So if it's NCSUX, you should concentrate on making damn sure Russel Wilson didn't give any of his fellow ballers EVEN a ride in his new Escalade, or let them sleep on his couch, or take a road trip with him. If you have half a brain, you'd realize those types of infractions make up a large part of the problem at UNC. But half a brain may be giving you excessive credit, no? Do I even have to mention Gavin Grant or JR Sweezy????

And if you're a (C)HOKIE fan, you should be more worried about all the ink your basketball players have on display (esp Malcom Delaney). As we learned from Ohio State, all that elaborate ink is NOT cheap to get. Hmmmmmm.....but I'm sure all your guys have their paid receipts, right? And you should also remember that Michael Vick admitted his dog fighting ring existed even while he was in college. So don't try to crucify Butch for not knowing all that went on, when it's obvious Beamer and Seth Green either condone or turn a blind eye to what their kids have done/do. Heck, I remember Beamer even defending the other Vick brother until the university finally stepped in and kicked him out for good.

Bottom line is, it can and does happen everywhere. UNC showed a huge amount of class and integrity with the way they handled their problems. Trying to jump in with your sophomoric and immature name calling surely shows a lack of class.

MrNo1 said...

It's amazing how MooU fans seem to chase every story on the internet concerning UNC in any way. The obsession is just insane. Your sports programs are so pathetic that the best you cow herders can do is hope, wish and pray that some force will just come and magically remove UNC from the face of the earth. The problem is it still wouldn't make that crappy place of yours any better. In UNC's worst times, NO ONE still gave a squat about any of your programs. It's just pathetic that you can call someone a cheat after the best thing that ever happen to your school, Jim Valvano, was one of the biggest cheating S O B's ever.

If you put half as much energy into your own program as you put into UNC you might actually accomplish something other than ENVY and JEALOUSY.

Anonymous said...

whooooo caresssss!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think energy is something the State or Vtech fanbase has ever been accused of lacking.

However, you do have BD and ole Roy that have gone public about the lack of passion in the UNC fanbase.

Anonymous said...

UNC-Cheat, to seem rather than to be....The Carolina Way.

Anonymous said...

you tarholes have to be the biggest group of pansies ive ever had the displeasure of encountering. first you say theres nothing to see here, then you sit 14 players. then you say the worst is over, then this info about the NOA comes out and your defense is either "everyone does it" or its all trumped up charges brought on by NCSU/VaTech. hilarious! i could care less what happens to UNC or their fanbase of gay white men. chances are there wont be anyone at UNC with enough balls to accept responsibilty for all this and chances are all these homo UNC grads wont have the backbone to demand someone take the blame either. what a bunch of marys!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! - NCAA demands that UNC-CH return the mufflers

Anonymous said...


I'm sure the writers will overrate you AGAIN/pick you as the "dark horse" to win the ACC like they do year in, year out. How has that worked out the last say......32 years? hahahahah