Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our top 25 ACC quarterbacks of all time

Raleigh News & Observer columnist Caulton Tudor picks his Top 25 all-time ACC quarterbacks.

Player (last season)     NFL impact     ht.       
1. Philip Rivers (NCSU ’03)     Major     6-5       
2. Charlie Ward (FSU ’93)     None     6-2       
3. Chris Weinke (FSU ’00)     Minor     6-4       
4. Boomer Esiason (Md ’83)     Major     6-5       
5. Homer Jordan (CU ’82)     None     6-0       
6. Shawn Jones (GT ’92)     None     6-1       
7. Matt Ryan (BC ’07)     Major     6-4       
8. Russell Wilson (NCSU ’10)     TBD     5-11       
9. Joe Hamilton (GT ’99)     None     5-10       
10. Shawn Moore (Va ’90)     Minor     6-2       
11. Norm Snead (WF ’60)     Major     6-3       
12. Ben Bennett (DU ’83)     None     6-1       
13. Danny Kanell (FSU ’95)     Minor     6-3       
14. Roman Gabriel (NCSU ’61)     Major     6-4       
15. Steve Fuller (CU ’78)     Minor     6-4       
16. Matt Schaub (Va ’03)     Major     6-5       
17. Tyrod Taylor (VT ’10)     TBD     6-1       
18. Aaron Brooks (Va ’98)     Major     6-4       
19. Darian Durant (UNC ’04)     None     5-11       
20. Jamie Barnette (NCSU ’99)     None     5-11       
21. Thad Busby (FS ’97)     None     6-3       
22. Woody Danzler (CU ’01)     None     6-0       
23. Chris Rix (FS ’04)     None     6-4       
24. Leo Hart (DU ’70)     Minor     6-3       
25. Rod Elkins (UNC ’82)     None     6-1   


Anonymous said...

Great List. Seen Dantzler many times and was always amazed.

Tom P said...

And would you look at that? A Wolfpacker at #1! But oh my....I thought everyone at the N&O loved the Tar Heels and went out of their way to put down the Pack.....weird

Anonymous said...

Jason Stanicek needs to be on that list.

Anonymous said...

Where is TJ Yates?

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time believing that you have Rivers over Ward. Charlie Ward, although he really only started two years, was the best offensive player I have ever seen in the ACC and in the argument for all of college football. Rivers more than likely has the statistics on his side because he played more games, but Ward was a much more dominant he has more championships.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Ward played on a team loaded with All Americans and major NFL talent. he won more championships in part because of a dominant defense that FSU put on the field every year in the 90s. Rivers played behind a marginal offensive line and nowhere near the talent level supporting him that Ward did yet still put up ridiculous numbers. Plug Rivers into those Florida State TEAMS and they might not lose a game over 4 years. Teams win championships, not players.

Anonymous said...

What about Michael Vick?

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with PR on here. Great talent, if we had a defense when he was here, easily in NC contention.
Vick was good in his own right. They were able to challenge a loaded FSU team in the Championship. However, I have a real issue with Weinke being in the 3 spot. He did well at FSU, but he was a complete flop otherwise. I can't believe that you snubbed Matt Ryan for him.
I might be biased, but I also think Erik Kramer should be in the list. Eh was great and had a major impact at the next level with the Bears.

704Champ said...

Virginia Tech was in the Big East when Michael Vick played there

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you do not have Sonny Jurgenson name on this list

MichaelProcton said...

Where is Thaddeus Lewis? The guy put up some of the best numbers in ACC history despite having a dearth of talent around him.

jim ritcher said...

Caulton, what criteria did you use, or was this nothing but your opinion? I can't believe Roman was just 14th on the list, with a few guys in front of him I never even heard of. And as much as I dislike Vick, I can't believe he's not in the top 25.

Anonymous said...

Thad Lewis?

Anonymous said...

Vick, Ken Dorsey, etc. were in the Big East

april said...

Well no doubt list of best qb of all time is among best list I have seen off lately. But you meant here ACC quarterbacks? But I must admit that you would have spent a good amount of time in creating this list.