Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Criminal records common at top programs

 Pittsburgh coach Dave Wannstedt's 2010 team
had 22 players with criminal records, three times
the rate of the other 24 in Sports Illustrated's
preseason top 25, according to an SI investigation.
Wannstedt was fired after the 2010 season.

A Sports Illustrated investigation that looks at the criminal records of players at schools in their 2010 preseason top 25 reveals that 7 percent of players at those schools have criminal records and nearly 40 percent of all crimes were serious.

Among the schools in the SI preseason top 25, the number of players found to have criminal records: Pittsburgh 22; Iowa/Arkansas 18; Boise State/Penn State 16; Virginia Tech  13;  Oklahoma/ Wisconsin/Florida State  9; Miami  8; Florida/Ohio State/Oregon/USC  7; Alabama/Cincinnati/North Carolina /Utah 5;  Georgia Tech/Nebraska/Oregon State 4;. LSU/ Texas  2; Stanford  1;  TCU  0. 

Some of the investigation’s findings:

*    Players had been charged with 56 violent crimes, including assault and battery (25 cases), domestic violence (6), sex offenses (3), aggravated assault (4) and robbery (4). There were 41 charges for property crimes, such as burglary, theft and larceny; and 105 for drug and alcohol offenses, including DUI and intent to distribute cocaine.

*    Players were guilty or paid a penalty in about 60% of the 277 total cases that have a known outcome.  

*    If the study had looked at only scholarship players, the percentage of players with a criminal record would have risen to 8.1% (172 of 2,125).


Anonymous said...

Locally, no surprise about Va Tech. They abandoned character and integrity for athletic skill in football and basketball long ago.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all excited that Charlotte 49ers will devote some of the state's limited resources to pay for tuition, books, tutors, coaches salaries, equipment, etc. so some academically underqualified football players can get a free ride?

Anonymous said...

Crime pays! Goooo Hokies!

Anonymous said...

"Investigators have issued a search warrant for the financial records of NFL agent Gary Wichard as they continue looking into whether North Carolina's sports agent laws have been broken."


Anonymous said...

And this is a surprise to who?

Anonymous said...

Why Uh-oh? If Wichard tampered with UNC players, I hope he goes to prison. The counter-to-logic assertion of State fans that agent activity which was TO THE DETRIMENT of UNC somehow implies wrongdoing on UNC's part is what baffles people with intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Wichard, Big Marv, Big Marv's high school coach, and John Blake. Sure sounds like great news for UNC-CH. Someone inform Butch Davis since he'll likely say he didn't know.

Scott said...

"Locally, no surprise about Va Tech. They abandoned character and integrity for athletic skill in football and basketball long ago."

-Maybe UVA should switch it up so there not so pathetic in every sport that matter.s

Anonymous said...

Is this article suggesting that scandal-ridden UNC is a "top program"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA keep clinging to that 1980 ACC Title!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe UVA should switch it up so there not so pathetic in every sport that matter.s"

I think you mean "they're" not "there" right? Hahaha. Now go break some laws Hokie.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Here's one sportscaster's take: Wanna guess what pro sports league I draw the following stats from?

29 have been accused of spousal abuse,
7 have been arrested for fraud,
19 have been accused of writing bad checks,
117 have bankrupted at least two businesses,
3 have been arrested for assault

So, what sport? Oh, i'm sorry -- these stats were pulled from a survey of the U.S. Congress.

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It is indeed reasonable, having committed such serious crimes, even though they can be a good athlete people find and judge them of what they had committed.

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It’s true; I think the one who organizes that kind of sports should do some background check to athletes because some people might think that the persons they started to admire for being a great athletes has a criminal records, it’s so disappointing.

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