Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UNC's Austin suspended indefinitely

University of North Carolina football coach Butch Davis has suspended defensive tackle Marvin Austin indefinitely, the school announced today.

Austin will not play Saturday against LSU.

"This decision is not a result of the ongoing NCAA review," Davis said in a statement released by the school. "Marvin has violated team rules and has neglected his responsibilities to the team."

Along with wide receiver Greg Little, Austin is one of two players known to have been a focus of the NCAA investigation. In the summer of 2009, he traveled to California with then-UNC teammate Cam Thomas to train.

Thomas said a former Tar Heel teammate who's in the NFL, Kentwan Balmer, paid for the trip. The NCAA could interpret that as a violation of NCAA rules. Austin had been on the second team throughout preseason practice.

In a message posted Sunday night on what appears to be his Facebook page, Austin appeared to break his silence in the case.

"I came back to school to have my character questions..[expletive]..i thought educationi was key.. I dont really understand...i though it was the right thing to do..maybe i was mistaken...i like to say thanx to all those who stand by me i really appriecate it. oh yea and to those who wanna see me fall i wont cause i dont great athletes stay on their feet!!!!!"

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

MY GOD! Really, not as a result of the NCAA review.

First, it's not a review. It's an investigation.

Secondly, there have been no results as the investigation isn't over.

Third, Marvin's suspension is directly related to the investigation and everything else. UNC thinks by announcing this that NCAA will be more lenient when they drop the hammer.

NO CHANCE! UNC is being run by a bunch of buffoons. They should have acknowledged the investigation, infractions, suspended Marvin long ago, and start operating with a voice and solution process. Right now, they are just in DENIAL mode. The only reason the investigation has gone on so long is directly due to the executive board at UNC and their inability to address anything with a clear mind.

Anonymous said...

Let the process run its course. Obviously there are going to be more suspensions and disappointments which will probably result in another disappointing season. Let's hope this thing gets cleared up asap so we can move on and improve over the next few years. We all know the major programs break the rules; we didn't, however. believe it would ever involve UNC.