Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweezy's assault, larceny charges dismissed

Misdemeanor assault and larceny charges against N.C. State defensive tackle J.R. Sweezy were dismissed Thursday, according to records in the Iredell County Court Clerk's office.

Sweezy had been charged after an altercation with a shuttle bus driver on March 18, according to the Mooresville Police Department.

Sweezy still faces misdemeanor charges of simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of using a controlled substance in connection with an April 24 search of his apartment. He has a court date of June 11 on those charges.

Teammates Markus Kuhn and Jake Vermiglio, and former volleyball player Allison Davis face the same charges as Sweezy after that search. A fourth football player, George Bryan, faces a single charge of maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of using a controlled substance.

Sweezy also pleaded guilty March 8 to a charge of consuming alcohol by a minor under age 21 stemming from a Jan. 6 citation, according to Cabarrus County Court records. He turned 21 on April 8.

In the Mooresville case, Sweezy had been charged after after getting into a physical altercation with David Scott Magnuson and Nicholas Kaplan at 2:37 a.m., according to police.

"The charges were dismissed [Thursday] and we believe as we have all along that that was the just and proper outcome for this matter," said Mark Childers, Sweezy's lawyer.

N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien suspended Sweezy indefinitely immediately after he was cited in the Mooresville incident. O'Brien was not immediately available for comment Friday.

Sweezy made 26 tackles and three sacks as a backup last season and was expected to move into the starting lineup this season as a junior.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you the press jumps all over a incident before anything is proven.
Sounds to be like it was self defense. Everyone has the right to defend him or her self. It is my understanding that the driver got off and hit Sweezy.
Justice prevailed in this case

Anonymous said...

Man, punching an ACC-caliber defensive tackle is just plain stupid. Which may explain why the guy was driving a bus for a living...

Anonymous said...

How about all of the drug charges filed against these clean living college athletes? Surely there must be some mistake there. It goes to show you that you can take the boy out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the boy.

Anonymous said...

And yet another media member completely overlooks the fact that Sweezy has also been charged with possession of the ephedrine sulfate injection and/or the marinol that were confiscated from the apartment.

When obtained illegaly, one can be pretty certain that those drugs are being used as performance enhancing drugs, which would be a much bigger story than the marijuana charges that everyone in the media mentions.

I guess it is no surprise that newspapers all across the country are going our of business.

Anonymous said...

So I guess you know what was found and what stuff belonged to each individual in that apartment. Remember five people were charged!!! Don't call out a name of a person and ASSUME that it was his until you know all the facts. Seeing as you were not there and weren't on the lease of the apartment would make your comments VOID!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Assault, Larceny, Drug Possession, a PED program

Good citizen, nothing to see here

Anonymous said...

Marinol is basically an active ingredient (THC)in marijuana. Do you think marijuana is performance enhancing?
Ephedrine sulfate injections are for asthma/allergy attacks (like bee stings). It is short-acting.
Do you know what your talking about?

Anonymous said... is a FACT that Sweezy has been charged with illegal possession of those drugs while none of the others were.

About two weeks after the initial charges were filed for the marijuana associated stuff, Sweezy had an additional charge of illegal possession of a Schedule III substance(s) added to his existing charges. Both the ephedrine sulfate injections and marinol are classified as Schedule III substances and both are banned by most sporting bodies as performance enhancing drugs.

Anonymous said...

No question they are banned from sports. So is crack. I am questioning the performance enhancing piece. If you think those 2 drugs have performance enhancing ability you shouldnt bother posting anymore. Have you ever smoked marijuana? Ever played sports?

Anonymous said...

The approved use of Marinol is to stimulate weight gain in patients with certain conditions (anorexia, AIDS, etc) or control nausea in cancer, AIDS, etc patients. Athletes use Marinol to help them gain weight beyond their natural capabilities.

All types of ephedrine are banned in most sports and there is a extensive documented history of it being taken by athletes as a performance enhancer. Do a quick search of ephedrine + bodybuilding. I promise that the search does not come up empty. All types of ephedrine are commonly used/abused in the bodybuilding community.

I guess you need to ask yourself why anyone would feel the need to obtain these drugs illegally?

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's try this one last time. Marinol is the active ingredient in Marijuana. Basically you can take it, get the same effect without the additional tar and other toxic compounds. Yes, Marinol has medicinal properties such as increased appetite. However, the real no BS reason a college student would want to obtain it is because it causes a euphoric high. (could you not figure it out??) If an athlete wants to gain weight then they take HGH and anabolic steroids (which stimulate your appetite as well). Ephedrine sulfate injections do not last long enough to be a benefit to sports (1 play maybe). It is for emergency allergic reactions, such as snake bites and bee stings. You cant compare oral ephedrine HCL to injectable ephedrine sulfate. The half-life are in no way comparable. In summary, these drugs may be banned but they are not performance enhancing at all.

Anonymous said...

No one buys Marinol to get high b/c it costs about 5-10x more for nowhere near the high.

According to the PI, the effects of ephedrine sulfate injections last about an hour so that must be one long play you are talking about.

Once again, all it takes is about 2minutes of research to figure out that both drugs are taken as or part of performance enhancing protocols. I am not sure why you are debating that.

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? Are you kidding me?
As a player he can get the same effects as marijuana without destroying his cardio capacity (lungs). Speaking of costs, it is MUCH more cost effective to take steroids to gain weight. Do you realllllyyy think he was using Marinol just so it would give him the munchies???? Marijuana vs. steroids for the purposes of gaining weight for sports is laughable. Try thinking of a pot smoker vs. bodybuilder. Furthermore, ephedrine causes you to lose weight by speeding up the metabolism. And yet you claimed he was using Marinol to gain weight. Contradiction?? Hmmm? I speak from playing sports on multiple levels, you regurgitate google. Last question, if he was caught with marijuana would you claim he was using it as a sports enhancing agent for the purposes of gaining weight??

Anonymous said...

Simple question...yes or no, is there information that links both of those drugs to performance enhancing protocols?

Also, even conceding your point that the Marinol is for getting high, what would you proffer as the reason for the possession of the ephedrine sulfate injections? Is he using that to get high as well?

Anonymous said...

None of you know what you are talking about. George Bryan was charged with the injections.

Anonymous said...

^Are you saying that the information listed in the court system is wrong?

In the courts database, Sweezy is listed as being charged with possession of a Schedule III substance in addition to the marijuana charges; none of the other are charged with anything besides the original charges associated with the marijuana.

Anonymous said...

marinol does NOT get you high. It is supposed to help people with no appetite eat and be able to hold their food down. I have lived with a terminal cancer patient who was perscribed....

This kid obviously has problems.

dar456 said...

i think anyone who has seen the pack play ball under TOB can safely say that we arent using any performance enhancing drugs.

Anonymous said...