Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video may just show 'poor judgment' by Byrd

Despite the looks of a Youtube video, N.C. State cornerback Jarvis Byrd told an athletic department spokeswoman that he did not steal a T-shirt at a Wal-Mart in Florida.

"It seems like he's guilty of poor judgment, but he assured us that he didn't steal anything," said N.C. State sports information director Annabelle Myers.

In the homemade video, Byrd and two friends identified as former Pahokee High teammates Nu'Keese Richardson and Kaalum Williams walk through a Wal-Mart store looking at clothing and playfully using foul language while they tease each other at around midnight.

Richardson, a wide receiver, was dismissed from the Tennessee football team after being charged with armed robbery and has enrolled at Hampton University.

Near the end of the video, Byrd removed his shirt in the store, took a T-shirt out from its packaging, put on the T-shirt and put his shirt over it. Byrd told Myers that he later paid for the T-shirt.

He said Williams is an employee at the Wal-mart, and that other Wal-mart employees were following them around and watching them in amusement at the store.

Myers said Saturday that she hadn't been able to speak yet with N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien about Byrd's involvement in the video because O'Brien was on his way home from Ireland.

Editor's note: Because of language that some might find offensive, the video is not linked on this site.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

The bigger issue is what that "red flag" that was referred to at the beginning of the video represents. For those that don't know, he was talking about the red bandana hanging out of Byrd's back pocket. This is usually a gang sign. Red represents the Bloods. Real class guys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Coach O'brien needs to educate himself on the real meaning of that "red flag" in Byrd's back pocket.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Screw the flag. How about just pulling your freakin' pants up jack a**!!! Stay classy NC State!!!

WolverinePack20 said...

Whats classy is signing in as an Anonymous person and bashing a 19 year old kid cause he isn't mature and did something stupid. Thats whats really classy.

Carry on.

Randy McNealy said...

"Whats classy is signing in as an Anonymous person and bashing a 19 year old kid cause he isn't mature and did something stupid. Thats whats really classy.

Carry on."

Hey Jack A**. Age is no excuse. Acting like a moron is acting like a moron no matter what the age. And these guys are acting like morons. RANDY McNEALY!!!!!!!! Got the name pr*ck?!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


dar456 said...

i guess phil ford, rasheed wallace, and joe forte werent available for comment so the less known tarhole dick wads had to speak up. fact is that kids will always do dumb stuff, its how the university handles these situations that will determine how classy ncsu is. if class is based on the conduct of the athletes down the road from raleigh then we will be just fine

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