Monday, May 4, 2009

Pack's Wilson improves at plate

Less than three weeks ago, N.C. State’s Russell Wilson was trying to stay positive at the plate.
The Wolfpack’s starting quarterback plays second base for the school’s baseball team, and his batting average dropped below .200 around the middle of last month.
“A lot of it’s probably (timing),” Wilson said in mid-April. “Baseball is a sport you have to practice a lot and work at. And I think that’s just what it is. I’ve just got to keep working and keep a positive mind set.”
Wilson missed a lot of preseason baseball work because of a knee injury suffered in the Bowl. He also was juggling spring football and baseball practice until April 18.
Now that he’s focusing solely on baseball, Wilson’s batting average is improving. He’s up to .277 after going 3-for-9 during two games over the weekend against N.C. Central.
That’s hardly an average that’s going to have pro baseball scouts drooling. But Wilson’s improvement supports his assertion that practice and timing can help him at the plate. – Ken Tysiac