Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring football crowds vary

Virginia Tech closed out spring football practice on Saturday with 41,000 showing up for a scrimmage. The Hokies topped Florida State's turnout of 36,000 for its spring game.

Attendance at a spring game indicates devotion, or a lack of alternatives. Either way, here's how the ACC schools fared in the spring:

Virginia Tech 40,000

Florida State: 36,000

Clemson: 24,000

N.C. State: 21,075

Maryland: 10,323

Georgia Tech: 8,500

Virginia: 8,000

Duke: 4,162

UNC: 2,000

Miami, Wake Forest and Boston College did not give attendance figures for their respective spring games. Safe to say if it was near Virginia Tech's neighborhood, we would have heard about it.

Kinda like Ohio State's preposterous turnout. 95,722? Really? Imagine what would happen if the Buckeyes actually won a game of consequence.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

Hey, how about East Carolina? It is not all about ACC here in NC

Anonymous said...

Who gives a DAMN about EZU, they play in a crappy conference with low academic standards & take kids UNC & NCSU toss out for violations..

Anonymous said...

I care about ECU and no they don't take anything the rest of the ACC doesn't. You guys put them at Hargrave a year and we put them in school for a year before they play to pull grades up. Typical uninformed dribble. So the answer to your question....I care about ECU and so do 50,000 weekly for the last 3 years. Visit the eastern part of the state and get a clue.
Jealous much? Trust me all NCAA teams have violators UNC, NCAU, Wake, and yes ECU is not immune to this. Can't wait till the Big East has to expand next year. That'll shut up the non believers.

Anonymous said...

ECU had 6,500

Anonymous said...

2,000 at UNC?? HA HA HA HA HA. They are really turning into a football powerhouse. People really seem to care. Davis, you made a big mistake not going to Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the obsession with the spring football game. It is a freakin practice for God's sake. What counts is wins this fall. As far as UNC, there are many things in play for the reason only 2000 showed up at Kenan. For some stupid reason, the UNC spring game is in March. It is smack in the middle of March madness where Carolina actually has basketball on it's mind. You know...the National Champs! The last thing on the mind of a REAL BB school in March is football. Butch Davis doesn't care as much about what happens in Spring as he does in October.

Anonymous said...

Of course all a UNC fan can do is talk about basketball.. the fact is it that UNC football the last couple years has been all about hype and no result.... o and don't you remember that 41-10 game last year.... watch out for the wolfpack this year

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

god i love ncsu fans! we r gonna kill u guys this year. by the way, i havn't forgotten last years game...i just see it having zero to do with next season. we talk about b-ball because we r champs, so suck it!

Anonymous said...

2,000 person turnout at a state school? Wow, glad to see the fans are excited about Butch's program.