Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moore honored, Speir giving back

On April 2, Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore will be honored by the Texas senate, which will adopt a resolution declaring it "Jerry Moore Day" in the state.

Moore is a Texas native who coached in the state for 19 of his 46 years in the business, but the honor goes beyond that, crediting his contributions to society as a "positive example" to the young people with whom he has come in contact.

Also, assistant coach Mark Speir has been invited to run the 2009 Boston Marathon on April 20. He will do so for charity.

Last year, Speir ran in the Music City Marathon in Nashville, Tenn., and raised over $17,000 for Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh in the process.

This year, he hopes to raise $26,200 ($1,000 for each mile of the 26.2-mile race) for the same cause, which will have its new surgical ward named after Boone native Dr. Lowell Furman.

On April 4, a chicken dinner will be served at the Greenway Baptist Church in Boone (880 Greenway Rd.). Mountaineer players will be available for autographs and photos, school football apparel will be on sale and a silent auction will be held featuring autographed Appalachian football memorabilia and 2009 season tickets.

The event runs from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., with ASU players in attendance from 3-5 p.m. One hundred percent of all proceeds will go towards the Memorial Christian Hospital. Fans that can’t attend the April 4 event but still wish to support Speir’s cause can visit Olson


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful football program they have in Boone,NC. If they would just go FBS they would be at an even better level of dominating national attention, and good people that can get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Let's stop the talk about D1. I;m an an ASU alum, and that's shortsighted. I enjoy the opportunity to win national championships, and that would stop if they went D1. So would good rivalries with Furman, WCU and Georgia So. Besides, it's not like being 1AA is keeping our guys from getting drafted anymore. Let's keep the charm of being the shin-kicking midgets.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, congratulations to coach Moore. There isn't a classier dude out there. And thanks to the Speir guy in the title for giving stuff back.
-Anonymous (same as above, not the poser above me)

Anonymous said...

As a former football player under Coach Moore he deserves all the press he is getting and then some, I think he and his staff have changed the landscape of Kidd Brewer Stadium "Literally" since he has been there and let's not forget the alumni who put there time, sweet and blood into the program to get it where it is now? Let's win a 4th Championship this year for Edwards?