Monday, December 3, 2007

BCS got the big one right

It will be easy to criticize Ohio State for backing into the national championship game because the Buckeyes’ best win was against No. 18 Wisconsin. But after so many other teams
stumbled, it’s become clear that the Buckeyes deserve the chance they were given Sunday night, when BCS officials announced that Ohio State (11-1) will meet LSU (11-2) in the BCS championship game.

Why? Ohio State doesn’t own a single impressive win, but lost just one game it shouldn’t have – to Illinois. That’s more than just about anybody else can say.

The other contenders all disqualified themselves:

-- West Virginia lost to South Florida and at home Saturday against Pittsburgh with a chance to sew up a BCS title bid.

-- Southern California fell to Stanford, and that loss alone should remove the Trojans from national title consideration.

-- Oklahoma stumbled against Colorado and Texas Tech. But the Sooners defeated Missouri twice to eliminate Chase Daniel and the Tigers.

-- Georgia and Kansas didn’t even play in their conference championship games, so they don’t deserve to play for the national championship.

-- Virginia Tech was humiliated 48-7 at LSU in the second week of the season. Nobody is exactly pining for a rematch.

Ohio State deserves a shot because it didn’t mess up as badly as everybody else. After that, LSU is most deserving because it won the nation’s strongest conference and its losses both came in triple overtime.

This unpredictable college football season makes it more obvious than ever that only a playoff system could determine a legitimate champion. But the BCS system chose the most deserving championship game contenders when no teams clearly distinguished themselves on the field.

As for the championship game itself, it’s distasteful to think of watching Ohio State play an SEC team after what Florida did to the Buckeyes in last season’s title game. But Ohio State fans have been protesting all season that this year’s team has the speed to match up with the best opponents from the SEC.

The Buckeyes will get the chance to prove it on Jan. 7 in New Orleans.
-- Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

No, you got this wrong. LSU should NOT be in the title game. This is a match up the pollsters wanted and that changed their habits on the last poll to get it. Va. Tech played/beat a higher ranked opponent while being ranked higher than LSU, thus would still have been on any other Sunday.

While I think Hawaii and Va. Tech are getting screwed here, the title game should be between OSU and Georgia.

Why should Georgia get penalized by a tie breaker and not playing last Saturday, but OSU does not? When OSU slid up while being idle, then Georgia should have too. At least, Georgia starts the season with the possibility of playing 13 games.

If we are going to penalize those not playing a game on Championship Saturday, then why not LSU v. Va. Tech rematch. Va. Tech is much improved and it would be a much more compelling game in light of last April.

True Buckeye fan said...

Ugh, I HATE Frank Beamer, so am THRILLED his lousy hokies won't be in the title game! VaTch got demolished by the ONLY good team they played, so hell no we don't want to see their butts on Jan.9th.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they played some quality opponents and improved.

One good thing will come out of this title game. The debate about whether the Big Ten is legit anymore will be clearly answered. Enjoy the loss buckeye. Shoot, I'd be happy with a GA v. LSU match up if it gets us two legit teams playing for the title instead of the OSU "back up the truck into the BCS title game" boys.

Anonymous said...

So, Ohio State beat Wisconsin as its only quality win and lost to an average Illinois team, and didn't play a tough conference championship game? And this is a team vying for a shot at the national title?
USC, Georgia, LSU, Missouri, Oklahoma, and a healthy West Virginia all could beat Ohio State.
What was Ohio State's patsy non-conference schedule again? Let's reward them for playing horrible teams and not losing to them.
Hawai has a better resume in beating Boise State, and Washington and going undefeated!

Anonymous said...

The best two teams in the country are clearly not playing for the title...therefore it isn't a national championship game.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is that we don't know who the best 2 teams in the country are, and sadly this game is not going to give us that answer. Both LSU and Ohio State are pretender teams. LSU is hamstrung by the fact that Les Miles is a pathetic in-game coach. Michigan fans should rejoice with Holiday cheer that he turned them down. He only managed to win this year because of the superior talent. Eventually he will be run out of LSU. They are frauds like him. They stink.

Ohio State has not beaten anyone this entire season. And don't even try to sale Wisconsin to me...ridiculous schedule. People wanted to hate on Hawaii for their schedule, but Ohio State is the exact same. They play a weak schedule and then their pathetic conference is too scared to have a Title game. That should disqualify them. Are we just going to let them back in to the National Title game every year only to get throttled?

The BCS is trash and I don't intend to watch the Championship game...and I mean that seriously.

Anonymous said...

LSU could have very easily lost about 4-5 games. They are far from dominant, and before you give me that SEC crap, note the SEC has a losing record against the Big Ten the past 3 years in bowls (3-5) look it up.., and that's while everyone else kicked the Big Ten's butts, so what does that really say about the SEC?....there isn't a team on that list that secretly wouldn't say uh oh if they looked up and saw USC across from them in a bowl....we definitely need playoffs. Even now you look at the match ups and they always pit a lower ranked Big Ten team to get the draw from their huge fanbase.